Where to buy Pink Salt for meat curing in Vung Tau or HCM

Anybody know where to buy Pink Salt in HCM or in Vungtau. It's for curing meat and bacon specially.
Regards Ron.

what is meast? I haven't heard of it.

I have found it here in Vungtau.
Heading needed to be meat curing and not meast curing.

@ Festeem > I have changed the title :)



Hi Festeem, this is the first time I know that kind of salt even though I'm not a good cooker. :D

Where can you find that salt ? In Coop Mart, Lotte Mart, or Linh Phuong shop ?


Linh Phuong shop. Vungtau. But I took the last grinding bottle 250 gram from him. It will last me next 1/2 year. I hope he orders new batch because it always take a long time before they deliver.
Regards Ron.

I was in Linh Phuong store yesterday and they had a couple of jars of pink salt. On Tran Hung Dao street, 3 shops down from Ba Cu. I would like to buy some bacon from you when you make it. Best

     I made Pancetta. Italian kind of airdried bacon. But that batch is already gone. 2 1/2 weeks ago I made Cappicola, used 8 tenderloins 3.2 kg total, I used the same ingredients from the Pancetta and rinsed it with 1 bottle red wine after 3 days curing. Now it hanging in the second refrizerator. Need to be there another 4 to 6 weeks, or lose total 1+ kg weight before I can try it.
It's more hobby like and nice when I am watching ballgames with a beer.

I changed my original stroler picture for 3 cappicola. haha.

You sometimes have to be careful that the "Pink Salt" is not really pink Himalayan salt.  This does not cure anything at all.

You can order [link moderated]

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