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'ADVERSE RECORD' Explanation and Implications

Your employer (not you - MoM does not del dierctly with job seekers!) should request a clarification and possibly a personal meeting with the officer in charge. They can then take you along to this meeting.

I did asked my HR and they say they already call to MOM and ask but they never specify what's really went wrong, so the HR encourage me to ask on myself to check. So is it highly unlikely I will be entertain if I walk into MOM service centre?

It is worth a try - better than doing nothing. But don't be disappointed if you're unsuccessful!

that's the last thing I can do, thank you very much for the advice.

I had the same issue a few months back. Do you have a record that needs updating? In my case we had to do an appeal containing my manager's writings with that particular record (in my case a medical treatment certificate). You have to act fast coz' appeals this days has a minimum of 3 weeks processing time.

Ya i just been informed that my company can appeal for it with a letter, should be something similar to your case. Thanks for your advice, will ask them to do it asap. Thank you so much!

Yup but dont't forget an appeals letter is not gonna cut it. It's that "attachement" that will matter most to MOM. I had applied 2 other applications from other companies prior to my pass renewal at my original/current company (both were rejected so I had to stay up to pass renewal which was rejected again on first try). If It's a record clearance/updating MOM is interested in, they will expect you know about it. They may not entertain you if you go to MOM or even talk to its agent by phone about pass application just like they did to me.

You're right, they never entertain me with it's hotline but someone from mom called me after i submitted e-enquiry form and tell me what's wrong with my record, which is some medical record. I will try to get some strong supporting document attach to it, hopefully can make it before the expiry date. Is the 21 days enough to process or they will need more time? I'm running out of time. My permit expired end of Feb...

Yes MOM is onpoint with their minimum processing time. I had my appeal "accepted" exactly 21 days from date the appeal was submitted. Goodluck to you!

Good day everyone. Im sorry I dont know where to post this. I need your help. I went to SG last nov 2015 to find a job. I had a visit visa only on that time. I found my employer through employment agency and they applied for my E-pass. MOM rejected my application because I have only 3yrs of experience and S-pass must be my pass and not E-pass. That is not the worst problem. The problem is after 3weeks of stay I exited on malaysia and get back to SG at the same day. They give me only 3 days to stay as what date is written on my ticket and warned me that i need to exit to my country Philippines when I want to get back to SG again. After 3 days I exit in indonesia. I came back to SG after 2 weeks but they dont give me entry visa. I felt like im a criminal because they take my photo and all my finger print. And walked me to airplane going back straight to Philippines. They told me that i need to send a letter of appeal to (I forgot where) before i can enter SG. Can you help me please because i really want to work to SG so badly. What should I do? Please guide me? :(

You should have followed the immigration officer's asvice instead of going to Indonesia. Now they know that you are trying to circumvent their rules (which is NOT a good idea in Singapore) and you might not be able to work in Singapore any mor.
Your only chance is, as the second officer daid, to appeal against the blacklisting at ICA. You need to give a convincing reason why you needed to stay in Singapore that long against their advice - and job search or saving the airfare are NOT legitimate in their eyes!

Hi , Anyone can guide me how to appeal to ICA . I was refused to entry last year .

And i cannot apply any Pass . MOM does not approved any kind of passes because of i have adver record . Anyone let me know how to solve this issue .

Please let me know how to appeal to ICA due to denied entry last year.

You are apparently blacklisted by ICA.
You need to contact ICA and ask for the reason of blacklisting, how long you will be banned and what (if any) can be done to lift the ban earlier.

How to contact ICA ? Can you provide their direct officer email address .? Thx

The contact details are on their website.

Currently I am in EP and when my employer applied for renewal , it got rejected . If any one knows how to resolve this please let me know

priya2304 :

Currently I am in EP and when my employer applied for renewal , it got rejected . If any one knows how to resolve this please let me know

You should try to find out the reason for rejection and then remove it.
Possible reasons are:
- Your salary, education or work experience is too low (or too high) for the position (Note that requirements change often, so you may have fit in when your EP was originally applied for, but not any more now).
- MoM has doubts about the authenticity of your credentials.
- You have acquired a black mark in your file. (Did you ever have problems with customs, immigration or police?)
- Your employer is over their quota, or not allowed to employ foreigners any longer.

To find out the reason, your employer should contact MoM and request a personal meeting with the officer in charge. They can take you along to the meeting.
MoM is not obliged to tell the reasons (and in many cases doesn't).

Hi, i would like to ask about your case please?

How is your situation now? it just happen to me.

Can you please share ? i would like to hear from you.

Try to call or visit them, but be prepared that they might not entertain you. Inquiries by your employer have a better chance!

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