how to address a letter to Ghana

I am wanting to send a letter to my boyfriend he told me to send it to:
         Community 1
         Tema, Ghana
         Ghana, West Africa

is this how you would address it or is there more to put. And is this the right format. If someone would help me out i would appreciate it very much.

If you are sending a letter to someone in Ghana you need to have a post office box number as letters are not delivered to people's houses. If you addressed a letter in the way you have written I don't think it would get to your boyfriend.

Then how would i write it. I have no clue, this is how he told me to write it. I don't know if you know the guy i am talking to his name is Sando Johnson he lives in Ghana. If you do can you please find out out to write his address. If i talk to him any today i will ask him but if not can you find out. I would greatly appreciate it.      Thanks.

I think i found the PO Box he gave me: is this the right format how i would write in on an envelope:

                   PO Box CO2120
                   Community 1

Is there anything else besides the persons name that i need to add.

              Thank you so much.

This looks fine, I'm sure he will get it.

Khann, Just FYI, letters are delivered to houses if you live in the places where addresses are clearly identifiable and you will need to register with Ghana Post.

Do i need to register with Ghana post. Or can i go ahead and mail it. thanks

Sorry for a late reply. No u don't need to register with GP, just mail it.

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