Applying for tourist Visa from Philippines

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I really want to visit the beautiful place of Mauritius since i do have a fiance originally in Mauritius. I just find out that i need a Visa going there. The problem is we dont have embassy of Mauritius here in the Philippines. Im so confused and lots of requirements i need to submit. I don't know who will i contact too.. Please anyone help me who shall i contact and where will i submit my documents.. Thank you very much. 😀

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I suggest you browse through the Mauritian Government website so as to get relevant infos : … -Visa.aspx

You may also check out the requirements here : … itius.aspx

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I'm also a Filipino citizen currently residing in the Philippines and going to Mauritius on July 9, 2016. After days of researching I still don't know where I will submit my visa requirements and who I will contact. :(

Please anyone who knows help. Bhavna's reply above with the links don't do anything as I've seen them all and still doesn't say anything on where Filipinos in the Philippines should process their visa to Mauritius.

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You should contact the "Air Mauritius Office where there is no Diplomatic/Consulate Representatives."

There is no Diplomatic/consulate of Mauritius in Philippines as shown here : … -Visa.aspx

Contact the Air Mauritius office in that case :

They will help you out.

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This is late but might be useful for future readers. I've been to Mauritius in 2015 to visit my Mauritian bf.

You can send your visa application requirements to Mauritius Embassy in Kuala Lumpur via dhl or FedEx, and arrange a pick up service (fedEx) once approved. Email or call them first and ask for the list of requirements. They're friendly and would answer all your questions kindly. I got my visa approved after  a week, just call them to follow up.

Mauritius is a really beautiful country, my two weeks stay there was blissful.

Please note Mauritius has open up visa on arrival for Philippines , so check with Mauritius Passport and immigration

hello is this the updated information? thank you

You get a visa of 60 days on arrival. You don't need to apply prior to departure from your country. Check the reference here … itius.aspx

Now you dnt need visa to enter Mauritius. You will get 2 months tourist visa on arrival. You just have to show ur return ticket and hotel accomodation or ur bf invitation letter!

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Will there be a "show-money" requirement for tourist like us?

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Does the embassy requires a certain amount as show-money?

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