recommend me safe and cheap places.

Hi I'm from Valencia, and next year I will go to the Philippines to be a season and I would like you to recommend me safe and cheap places.

Gracias Rose



A new topic has been created as from your post on the Philippines forum. ;) the Provences. Safe...nowhere.

I live In Malaybalay and have for almost 6 years. It is the capital of Bukidnon, about 80 km from Cagayan De Oro. I have lived here, my 6th anniversary is Sept10, 2016, Not much do here but is safe,

not sure what you mean about being a season? why do you want to go aand how long plan to stay ?how much is cheap?

I agree that Samaruk needs to be more specific, as the Philippines is very large and diverse.

I do not find comments like "safe? = nowhere" constructive.
This applies to every country in the world. Thinking like that - you may as well go and live [back] in a cave.

Hi ,Philippines itself is a safe and cheap place to go/visit.Your safety could also be based on how you go along with other people (especially strangers) we (filipinos) are welcoming ,friendly and hospitable in nature,and we are genuinely caring but then there will still be some who uses these traits as "cover" to cheat/lure/take advantage of other people especially happens anywhere,there will always be one or some "bad fruits" in a basket,like they say.and like i said, ur safe depends on how ur attitude will be.if ur friendly and polite,u have nothing to worry.but u have to be cautious (not paranoid) and wise when trying to ask help for directions or simple  information from locals.if u try to be rude and arrogant,u will basically get the same..
How cheap  is cheap to you? If u want to be exclusive in everything while roaming around then it will not be cheat but if u are wiling to take the public transpo,like the taxi, its still cheap ,just have some peso bills ready to the smallest denominations and check on the meters so ull know how much u should really pay for.drivers may want to take you anywhere with the expectations of you giving them more than what u should,make sure the taxi meters are on only after ur in the can give a tip if you want and you will get a genuine smile back.Not all taxi drivers are opportunists to foreign passengers,some are friendly and they like having conversations in english,tho it may not be that fluent ,u'll find it nice for them to entertain u and enjoy ur ride..some are still nice and will even  say "take care" and "have fun in the Philippines" after u get off.There are also cheap but really nice hotels you can stay in anywhere,nice and good food in a not so expensive resto.try not to get too flashy,i mean wearing too expensive brands of jewels etc..shameful to say but "bad people" can also be nicely dress and formal,and they can also be in a high end places where u dont really expect them,so again be cautious, basically..its safe and cheap here..just enjoy and explore.theres a lot you can see and learn here..some u may like some you may not.remember and learn..and u will be fine.Bless you!

Basically, the Philippines is safe and cheap. No tienes rason para tener miedo y casi todos los servicios y materias primas son baratos. Most locals are friendly and getting around should not be a problem  because most Filipinos understand basic English and 90% of signages are in English. Bienvenido a Manila!

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