What is the best way to sell one's own used car in Doha?


I'm leaving the country soon, and I posted my car ad 3 weeks ago, almost on all Doha forums and classifieds websites,
but cant seem to get even one inquiry call.
What do you think is missing here?
Are there any used car dealers here willing to make cash offers?

The only reason for me that can explain why you are not receiving calls is maybe because of the car price, go lower and benchmark your self to others with the same/similar offers, also keep renewing you post DAILY so your offer will always figure among the newest.

Best of luck.

As per G00Gle Alexa ranking the best way to sell used car in Qatar try Qatar Living classified and

Selling a car yourself is an easy way to get the most money for your used car through this [link moderated] you could easily do it In Doha  ;)

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