Polish people...

Are here any polish people who can speak polish language? :)) / Szukam osob pochodzacych z Polski i mowiacych w Polskim pieknym jezyku: )) Jestescie tutaj??:))


As this is an ENGLISH speaking forum, and so members can understand your posts, could you please post in English only.
Thank you

Hello all

As stated by our Expert Stumpy, Please write ONLY in English when participating on this forum.



As i wrote above am searching ONLY for polish people,so thats why also i used polish language to not make attention on people from other nationalities: )

Take your translater when you neet to know what this 2 ladys conversate !

firstly, there is no such word as conversate :P "lol"

secondly, Kenjee is right; this is an English Speaking Forum, and anyone typing in any language other than English gets reminded that this is for EVERYONE to see; now if you look up in the right corner, you will find a little British flag, if you click it you will find the following languages available - Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese; click on any flag and you will see that you are transfered to a DIFFERENT forum, where the conversations are in that language, it does not merely translate the page you are on. The French forum in Kuwait is quite active I believe.

and on those forums you are allowed to converse in those language, and you would be told not to talk in English as it is a non english forum.

aaaaaaand lastly (Sorry I was gone for two weeks so i have to make up for the missed advice) if you are looking for fellow Poles, hit up the "network" tab on the top, search for Polish people, and you will find all these people here,

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, if you run (lol, you'll get what i mean when u meet him) into Greg Zbinski, tell him he better be training for the November runs, and ask him to run the Marathon this time :P not the half!

hello, i did not know there was a polish community here. Can we talk over an email or phone so I could learn more about the polish community. I have family from poland.

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hi there,
my wife is :) are you polish ?

Are there any Polish single women in Kuwait, I am a professor and Business man, perhaps send me an email so we can meet

Are you still in Kuwait?

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