anyone else need some friends?

Its funny! Getting to know ppl in a new city is not a crime. I just moved in and it could be difficult gettin to know new ppl

PICK ME PLEASE.... !!!!.  I am very smart, tall, handsome and i smell very nice.  I am charming and courteous and i respect women.  I feel we have soooooo much in common.  Please email me at ****

canadian_girlie :

i'm a 26 year old canadian girl... i've been to uae many times, but this is the first time i decided to make the move and come to search for a job.

somehow i feel many others are in the same boat... it's very hard to meet people here.

if anyone in my age bracket wants to have a chat sometime, let me know. i'm friendly and outgoing.

cheers all.

Good Luck :P

hi i am i abu dhabi alon feel boring u like to join

Would this be the young Canadian girl hunting page lol

hi i am sara, 30 years.. just came 2 abu dhabi ... wish we can be friends
have a great day

hi sara im frm  abudhabi tooo. 24 yrs old, lets chat? have fun togethr

I have no place to add my reply.. u got lots of replies Lollllll,

Great to see u here...I am Garry, a british man, working and living at Dubai..I am new to UAE and wanna meet with new friends. I live single at Dubai and sometimes really need to talk to people..

So if you interested..just reply me at my e-mail xxx . U can also add me at facebook by searching with same e-mail address..

Looking forward to hear from you...

Its Garry

Nice to know you

Hi harilal2002,

Welcome to

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hey my name is hana 26 years old
living in abu dhabi

hi Hanna,

Let's meet up on this weekend.

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