Moving to China (Suzhou)

Hi everyone,

My name is Ravi from India, and i am planning to move to suzhou in the month of september. Just wanted to make few friends and wanted to know about living i suzhou.

- Ravi

Hallo Ravi,

I am also will be relocate myself in Suzhou.... Will arrive next week

Hi Nizam,

Great.. are you moving for work purpose?

Yeah.... I am moving for work, very new to Suzhou, since I'll be alone perhaps could be friend with you when you are there... Keep in touch, I'll update you once I arrived😊

thats great.. sure!
i have sent u a friend request..

Lets connect, I am also moving to Suzhou, next month.


Great.... Keep us posted once you arrived

Hi, welcome to Suzhou. It is a nice place! come here to study or work?

Hi Joowin, would you know where are the place to get halal foods in suzhou... Since I am  muslim😊

Hi, where r from India. you coming for a work or a trip. I am from India livng in Jiangsu...

Hi Tarunreddy, i am working... Which area of Jiangsu are u?
Guys i guess would be easier to connect through wechat if you want to.. Just find my wechat ID nzm8778 👌🏽

Hi Ravi
Suzhou is a very beautiful place lots of gardens for you to visit. There are also a few Indian restaurant in Suzhou. There is one just overlooking Jinji Lake.
I have just moved to Hangzhou this month from Suzhou.

Hi Good evening This is Chandra coming from Andhra now i am in Nanjing Normal University


I am also moving to Sizhou in Sep. Again, facing same challenge of Halal food. Probably need to cook self.


Hello everyone, my family moved to Suzhou this week. I would like to build network and get advice on accomodation Etc.
Would like to know if there is any network group for Indians in Suzhou

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