Hello. Im looking for Indonesian people in Prague.

Hello. Im looking for Indonesian people in Prague.


Hi Artie2,

Welcome on board :)

It would be really great that when posting for the first time on the Forum you start by writing a few words about yourself just as a proper introduction please :)

It is recommended when seeking to connect and make friends on the Forum

Thank you


Hi Im from In Indonesia but Iam still in Papua - Indonesia  :)

Cool. Do you have a friends in Prague?:) I need record Indonesian voice for one video, Il pay for sure.

I have friends from CZ  ! and what kind voice you want ?

No:) I need indonesian people in Prague. I need adult indonesian voice.

Im in breclav

what kind of adult voice you need ?

Any voice female or male, just indonesian voice

Hi everyone,

Welcome to :)

@ Artie2- For your search of an adult indonesian voice, i recommend you to drop an advert on Casting jobs in Prague.

Thank you


I'm indonesian who live in Prague

Hi, everyone.

I am also Indonesian living in Czech Republic - not in Prague though. I would be more than just happy to meet my fellow Indonesians in this beautiful country. And since I am alcohol intolerant, how does coffee sound? :D

Highly expecting someone will respond this thread after me

Mbak tinggal di mana ?

Somayasa :

Mbak tinggal di mana ?

Please participate Only in English :thanks:


I am Hizam from Malaysia. My family (wife and 2 kids) and I are planning to move to Prague sometime in mid July.

Would like to get in touch with the Malaysia/Indonesia expat community in Prague to better understand school structure and accommodation etc.

Much appreciated.


Somayasa: I live in Kolin. Wow... Breclav is not so near. But still much nearer than Denpasar from Kolín :D Do you think we can manage to meet up one day? let's say in Brno :/ calling out Shorty13 if he wants to join.

Hizamss: I am looking forward to seeing you and your family. I eagerly join the community but still can't find the access. Maybe I haven't tried hard enough. You will be welcomed here. :)

I will go back to Indo in June and come back here again perhaps by the end of August.

I also haven't been active here 'till today. But I am enthusiastic again since I saw a couple of new posts from you. I'll keep an eye on this post.

Hello Somayasa,

Thank you for reaching out. I am planning to move the family there in mid-end July.
I however will be visiting Prague again in couple of weeks. I have not decided where we will stay yet. Few options are Prague 6 etc.


Will your wife work here too?

Not at start. Perhaps once settling down (in 6 months or so), she would like to start working. We have 2 young kids (6 year old and 1 year old) so her primary focus will be to help the kids to settle in the new environment etc.

Cool. I have a 3 y.o daughter who speaks Indonesian. She is learning Czech. She will also start to enroll at a czech school. Hopefully our kids will get along. She is kinda shy but she loves to make friends with other kids.

I want to be friends with your wife, I think it would be a pleasant since we have children and we come from very similar culture. I found a job as an English teacher in Kolin after 3 months staying here. I think she will find no problems in looking for jobs, but yes, the kids are the prior focus. I am looking forward to seeing you!

Looking forward to seeing you too. Will let you once we have the dates firm.


I followed a suggestion to keep an eye on Indonesian embassy facebook page. According to my country will perform some traditional dances. This might be my nearest chance to get in touch with other Indonesian citizens in Czech republic. So, I am just informing in case any of this forum sees, and inviting to see each other there.

Hi All,

I'm Nikki from Batam, Indonesia, I'm planning to move to  Czech Republic Insha'Allah next year with my Bf after married.
I cant speak Czech language, it is possible if I will get a good Job at there?

My working experiences as Document control and Secretary for over past 3 years in oil gas company and Being Protocol Officer for 1 year in some Government organisation.

I need to know about living as married couple, what we should need and what we have to do and so on ..

Please do not hesitate to contact me **

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