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Can anyone tell me ehat is the safest eara in sao paulo ofr accommodations and shopping please.

Do you guys know which is the safest taxi in sao paulo?

Hello Wais3,

São Paulo is an enormous city with a population of 11 million in the metropolitan area. As you can imagine the safest areas are also going to be extremely expensive in terms of rents and housing prices.

It really all depends a lot on where you plan on working in order to advise you regarding relatively safe areas that are also going to be easily accessible to your workplace. If you want to live anywhere near the city center you can be looking at rents in the area of nearly R$2000 per month PLUS condominium fees for a 1 bedroom unfurnished apartment.

If you don't mind a bit of a commute to work by public transportation I would really suggest looking at some of the outlying neighborhoods. I lived for many years in Pirituba (zona norte) and found it quite an enjoyable neighborhood. I worked all over greater São Paulo and could get almost anywhere I wanted to on public transportation in a maximum of an hour to an hour and a half, very cheaply. The bairro has a lot of shopping, one small shopping center that's not extremely high class, but reasonably priced. There are lots of smaller shops and I found that there wasn't anything that I wanted that I couldn't get in the neighborhood, without going to the large (and highly overpriced) shopping centers elsewhere in the city.

Just something to think about.

James      Expat-blog Experts Team

Safest regions are usually around Av Paulista and Faria Lima (common expat choice).

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