Running groups

I am wondering if there is any beginner running groups in Bucharest? I have been going to a park run whilst back home in Scotland and I really want to continue running when I return to Romania in August.
Please let me know 😊

Hi there Hailey,

Why not post an advert in the Sport partners in Bucharest section of the website so that you may create your own group and gather some runners  ;)

wish you luck on this one,

Hi Hailey

I have exactly the same situation as yourself. I've just started Park Runs and am about to move to Bucharest. I'm not a runner, just a beginner and at my age my average completion time is as slow as 40 mins. But I can't find an equivalent to Park Run in Bucharest. Did you have any success?



I know this is quite a old post but any luck with finding running club? Or would anyone be interested in running together in the evenings?


Hello, I am interested as well.  I have had to take a break to heal a torn calf muscle but am anxious to get back on course.  My goal is to run in a semi-marathon in Sibiu in the spring.

Would anybody be interested for an easy saturday morning run (about 11 or earlier) in Herăstrău park? We can meet at Rondo Charles de Gaulle and have an easy 5k run (talk pace).

Hi, did you find a running group - beginners ?

I'd do this, am rubbish but want to get started/ better.

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