Want to find job and live there

Hi, I'm Ola, I love South Korea, I want to find job and live there and make new friends and also be able to speak Korean language.

Hi Ola,

Please note that i have created a new thread for you on our South Korea forum.

Could you tell us more like why you love south korea? :)

Have you started your research for the formalities needed to have a job and visa in South Korea?

Thank you


Hi Ola
Nice to meet you here my dear. Hope you don't mind, how old are you? 
South Korea is a very interesting place!  I went there for a visit last April 23,  2016 till 1st of May. I have come to know that for us Filipinos since am a native of the Philippines, we need to undergo training to pass the exams being administered by the Korean government so will become legitimate worker in Korea. I am not sure if same process is done in your country so you will be provided a work slot in Korea.

Rebecca :)

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Hello dlovelybluestone
It's my pleasure and nice meeting you too. I will message you so we could talk better, thank you for information, I really appreciate it

You are ver much welcome Ola...

You can reach me too via whatsapp my dear.

My great pleasure meeting you here :)

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