Financial advisor needed for Canadian non resident living in Ecuador

I am now a Canadian non resident who recently retired and is living full time in Ecuador. My financial advisor and investment company can no longer continue to do business with me as I no longer have a Canadian address. I need to transfer my investments, mainly mutual funds, to a company that can work with Canadian non residents. I have contacted several internationsl companies who will not take on clients who live in Ecuador. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Do you have friends, family or other contacts in Canada whose address you could use to obtain a Canadian bank account?

Have you tried HSBC?

cccmedia in Quito

We have family and friends in Canada and still maintain a non active bank account. Being a non resident has tax advantages that we loose if we maintain a Canadian address. We want to invest as a non resididents. Yes I tried HSBC.

How about Harrison Brook, an online advisor with offices in Manchester, UK, and France, which specializes in Expat financial advice/advisors....

"We are cross-border international specialists, with advice provided globally from a European regulated base....

"Advice can be provided globally in every country...."

cccmedia in Quito

Thanks cccmedia. I will contact them.

Did you try to contact TD direct Investment International based in Luxemburg?

NorbertG :

Being a non resident has tax advantages that we lose if we maintain a Canadian address.

The reason behind this statement could be of great interest to readers of this forum.

What is the tax benefit of being a non-resident of your home country with no address there?

cccmedia in Quito

Thanks for the suggestion EvaCanada. I did contact TD Direct  lnvestment International by email and unfortunately they are unable or unwilling to open an account for someone living in Ecuador. I asked why and they simply said it didnt meet their risk requirements.

How did it go with Harrison Brook?

ENR Asset Management of Canada is recommended by businessman-blogger Gary A. Scott to "help residents and non-Americans bank in the U.S.A. as well as buy and sell securities through the banks and brokers." 

This includes both client-advisory and self-directed services. 

Fees top out at 1.5 percent (down to 0.75 percent for large accounts), and do not necessarily include the fees of Interactive Brokers, ENR's U.S.-based affiliated broker.

email... Thomas[at]

Source:  an email to subscribers to

cccmedia :

ENR Asset Management of Canada...Fees top out at 1.5 percent (down to 0.75 percent for large accounts), and do not necessarily include the fees of Interactive Brokers, ENR's U.S.-based affiliated broker.

Or...skip the ENR fees and open an account directly with Interactive Brokers, which calls itself the largest U.S.-based electronic broker.

Interactive is advertising directly to Expats, especially those whose accounts have been closed due to FATCA-related (financial reporting) reasons.


cccmedia in Quito

Can you use an address of a trusted family member or friend?  And you are still a Canadian citizen, correct?

Hello Norbert, I have recently moved to Quito and have 25 years experience in South America advising expats on the very issues you mention.
Given the date of your post I am sure you have found a solution but if not please feel free to contact me


Great work on this thread post.  This is one of those places that Social Media really comes to the forefront with real time assistance and recommendations for services with rapid feedback. 

It gives an edge over every other form of media as it comes from a supply line of information with the most important "dog in the fight", themselves!

In fact it is how I keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening in the gringo community as a professional personal consultant. 

Everyone by now knows that you cannot beleive everything you read about Ecuador on the internet because many sites are biased towards a purpose such as selling real estate, or tours, or investment opportunities or blog clicks.  Readers and Posters are much more savvy than they were 5 or even 3 years ago.  Some even than week ago...

So when an especially good example of just how powerful a tool this form of Forum and Topic Specific Social Media pops up ...I kind of like to point it out and give it the Kudos it deserves.

Again, Good job CCCMedia!

Good jobb!



And so you know my bona fides:

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Thank you Susan for your reply, perhaps we could meet up during the next week as despite 20 odd years in South America I am finding Ecuador very challenging !!

Thank you in advance David

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