Any Singaporean, Malaysian or Indonesian friends in Jozi?


Looking for my asian fellow friends.. Anyone is Malaysian, Singaporean or Indonesian here?

Hear from you soon!

Shukran :D


I will living at Johannesburg next month.. You are still there?

Hey.. Yes i will be in Johannesburg im
living with my husband now.. Where in Indonesia are u from?

Oooh sorry, you are a women. I thought that you are a man. I am from Jakarta.
Can I ask you a few question regarding living at SA? Where did you work?
- how much it cost for living room? Apartment? or something like that?
- How much it cost for living cost for a month?

I really need information because i dont know anything about living at SA.. Is there any other Malaysian, Indonesian or Singapore friends?
Really appreciate if you can inform me regarding that.. thank you

Hello MohReza,

You are off-topic here. Member sha.ayesha.abdullah is looking to make friends.

You can start a new topic on the Johannesbourg forum if you need infos.

Let us keep her thread clean please  :)


Hi there

Not sure if you are still in town. I have a Malaysian who would love to meet a fellow Asian

Let me know if you are still in Jozi

:D Hiiii

I am still in Jozi.. :)

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