Looking for friends in Hamburg

Hi everyone,

I am looking for new friends in Hamburg. I have been living here for 2yrs, so I am not that new to Hamburg. However most of my friends have moved away or are leaving Hamburg to study soon.
It would be nioce to meet ppl here to hang out with. Whether its for coffe, cinema, cocktails, partying... I am down for most things :) Btw I speak fluent German & English and some Spanish.

Shoot me a message.


Hi Sabrina ,
I'm Elena , I move her 6 months ago but don't have alot of friends my german is pretty terrible . Would love to hang out and have a cup of coffee ^^

I moved to Hamburg some few days ago and I am also looking for new people to hangout.
My german is not good yet to :)
Send a message if you would like to get in touch.

If you want to meet, let me know, I'm interested in photography, art, travel and meeting other cultures and people. I'm from Belgium. I know the city a bit after almost 1 year.

Hello Sabrina
I am Here from 2 years ago
I am interest in fotography and
Cinema and music.
If you want to meet please let me know.


I am working in Hamburg monday to thursday every week and looking for some friends to practice some german with. Just meet to take a coffee om beer.

Intrested to meet ler me know.
Regards Rick

Hey everyone,

I moved to Hamburg in January, but due to travelling a lot for my job at the start I didn't really integrate or make many friends yet.

I would be really happy to meet people from this forum for a drink, cinema, concert or to practice sport.  I try to run quite often, but sometimes it's better when you have someone else to give you some motivation to get going!


Hallo wie geht es dir ?    ich moechte mit dir kennen lernen

Samgarba: I like your effort in learning German, but this is an English language forum and posts in other languages are not allowed, sorry!
Also, it is not clear from your post whom you are adressing. If you want to contact one particular member, you can use this site's personal messaging (PM) function.

Hello I moved to Hamburg 1 year ago to study here, I also dont have a lot of friends and I am still looking for the friends, to them I can call "Partner in Crime" my German is very good as I am studying in German and English both.
Looking forward to meet you guys

me leaving less than 2 years here if you want we can meet, i am also looking for new friends: :cool:

best regards

Wanna have a coffee one day? I also live in Hh since two years, but I'm always open to meet new people.

Enjoy the day!

Hey,...  i would like to meet if you're okay with it. Im also in search for good new friends

am in turkey and also looking for a friend in germany... am a ghanian but now in turkey..please can we be friends ...

Hi, when would you have the time for a coffee?



I am planning a trip for me and some friends to hamburg and kinda want to speakto someone over tger that can recommend what and where to go.

I sawyour post and woundered if you could giveus some informtion on what to book. We are travellin ned year may for the bank holiday

Kind regards

Hey Ankush here,
24 year old, New to hamburg, Looking forward to meet people, socialize, making new friends!
let's meetup and grab a coffee?

Hi i am a businessman moved to hamburg recently and looking for friends.I live nearby hbf in an apartment.Whats app me on *** if you like to be my friend.

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I hope we can be friends
My number is ***

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Hello browneyed,
I will be visiting Hamburg for a couple of days in the coming week for leisure. I will be glad if we can meet and have coffee of dinner outside. I will staying in a house in Wandsbek. Just reply to me if you are interested and I will PM you my phone number... until then, have a nice day

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