MVV BASISINBURGERING EXAM exam..looking for tips to pass

Hi guys,

I got my exam results yesterday, about 30 days after I took the exam.

With the exception of KNS, the rest of the exam questions can be quite tricky. I also experienced quite a number of annoyances - exam room was not soundproof thus was very distracting. Headset given didn't have a very good microphone, thus it did not pick up the last 'd' and 't's of recorded words. On top of that, either Lees or Spreek paper (can't remember) didn't give me enough time to review my answers. With that said, I left the embassy feeling upset and frustrated.

Against all odds, I managed to score the following:

Spreekvaardigheid (speaking) = 10
Leesvaardigheid (reading and tricky comprehension) = 9
Kennis van de Nederlandse Samenleving (Knowledge of Dutch Society) = 10

You need a 6 to pass. Full marks is 10.

Very surprising indeed!! I didn't take up any classes, just self-studied consistently using the NaarNederland study material, watched a lot of YouTube lessons, downloaded some Dutch language apps and role-played with my husband in Dutch. I identified my weaknesses and worked on that. I was already studying before I started the NaarNederland lessons - that helped build up my vocabulary - but when a stranger comes up to me, I can only understand half of what he says in Dutch, and I stutter my reply in broken Dutch :D The inburgering exam won't be as difficult as real life situations, but if you're a step ahead, it'll definitely prepare you.

All the best to those taking their exams soon!!

i have exam next week. now im stress and worry. 😭😭😭😭

Feli! I am still waiting for my result. I did the exam last month june 30.

Congratulations!  :top:
You did a wonderful job and thanks for sharing your results and how you studied.

This is a great example for everyone how you can learn a new language.

Gefeliciteerd !! you have very good score 👍🏻🙂

My exam is next week ! very very stressful!

me too !! :(

Veel success for you. Dont be stress everything going to be ok, as long you keep learning😊

Veel success👍🏻

Dank jullie wel! :)

I was stressed too pre-exam - just clear your mind, don't do any more studying the night before to relax the mind, find something relaxing to do, like listening to music. You'll do fine!

I'll post some useful links to supplement the studies - I hope it's accepted here.

Hoi allemaal!

You can use these to supplement the NaarNederland study materials, which helped me a lot :

- Praat Nederlands on YouTube. There are about 22 lessons, the lady instructor speaks in a Moroccan language but the rest is in Dutch. Give yourself some time to go through these videos as it's quite a lot but very very useful for one of the exam papers.

- Oefening Inburgering. Very very very useful for your Spreekvaardigheid and Leesvaardigheid papers. The exercises are formatted similar to the exam as well.

- KNS Toets. Very helpful to exercise your KNS knowledge.

All the above are GRATIS (free) by the way!! :)

I picked up grammar from Babbel and Dutchpod101 websites - these are paid websites, so if you're not taking classes to understand the Dutch grammar, it's good to invest, as you'll want to know why it's "hij heeft" and not "hij hebben", etc etc. Grammar is not tested in the exam, so you don't have to worry so much, but it's definitely good knowledge in the long run.

Veel succes!!

Dag iedereen!

My test day is done !
Dont worry too much(like myself)
Tips from me
- KNS part try to download fotoboek from with 100 questions try to practise twice or until you remember all the answers then you will be fine!

- Speaking part, search spreekvaardigheid A1 from AdAppel on Youtube. Watch their 3 vid + download the material on their website

- Reading part, I learnt from and found that it may take sometime to understand for self-study

Wish you all a very best of luck
P.S. I still keep some material with me, PM if you couldnt find it :)



i done my exam last monday. think i can pass... but cannot confident 100%. just problem with the speaking.. 😁😁. now waiting for result almost 3weeks i guess . thank you !!

Hi everyone

My husband and i are planing to move in Netherlands next year, just wanna ask some tips about the exam, I'm doing self study right now i cannot go to Dutch school cause I'm 6 months pregnant that's why i decide to do self study instead, hope you can give me some tips/hints😊

Hi Bellacharlotte i see you've done the exam, how was is? Is it difficult? If you don't mind can i ask whats the difficult part, and how long it takes take exam?

Hi everyone,
I am glad to find this forum.
I did self-study and took my basisinburgerings exam in Manila last 25 July 2016.
I don't receive my result yet.
The exam was not difficult. So, I am hoping for a good result.

References to study Dutch:
This is my favorite reference.
There are a lot of  courses for free. You can learn not only the language but also the Dutch culture.

Grammar course is also available for 39 euro.
There are free materials to download but not so easy to use.

Try to speak Dutch if you have the chance. A daily conversation in Dutch with your partner is really helpful.

Hello ..San  ka  sa  atin. ? Mag take din  ako  nang exam. ..this October. ..sna  magkasabay  tyu. ..

Hello Lina. .My name is Detsy. .could u give me some  idea  about in exam...and some materials needed...I m going to take an exam in Phil. .by October. ..thank you  and God Bless.

Hi all,

I received my exam result last 26 Aug 2016, about a month after I took the exam last 25 July.
Spreekvaardigheid = 10
Leesvaardigheid  = 10
Kennis van de Nederlandse Samenleving  = 10

For those who still have to take the exam,
- learn as many Dutch words as you can
- practise the pronunciation with native Dutch

Best learning material that I really want to recommend,

Good luck everyone.

Congrats po. ..San ka nag enrolled ...difficult ba ang exam.?


Nag self-study lang and had pronunciation practise with my husband.
Easy lang ang exam pag prepared ka.

Hi, I just took the exam last August 16 and I am still waiting for tgee resulw from duo and as the new policy it will take 8 weeks maximum. The exam was bit easy especially the KNS and Reading Teas since questions are mostly in website and for the speaking test you have to complete short words so much better if u know lots of Dutch vocabulary. The speaking test was the one I'm nervous about cos the answers was mostly on my own word but I am positive that I'll pass the exam.

Hello, does it take 8 weeks before u get the result from Duo? what type of visa ade you going to apply? Congrats!!!!

graciaz :

Hi all,

I received my exam result last 26 Aug 2016, about a month after I took the exam last 25 July.
Spreekvaardigheid = 10
Leesvaardigheid  = 10
Kennis van de Nederlandse Samenleving  = 10

For those who still have to take the exam,
- learn as many Dutch words as you can
- practise the pronunciation with native Dutch

Best learning material that I really want to recommend,

Good luck everyone.

Well done and congratulations  :one

Khinvdijk :

Hello, does it take 8 weeks before u get the result from Duo? what type of visa ade you going to apply? Congrats!!!!

Hello, it took around 5 weeks before I got the result.
Exam :  25 July 2016, Monday
Result: 26 Aug 2016, Friday

So, I think you have to wait few weeks more.
But if you are lucky, maybe you will get the result earlier.
Good luck.

I will be applying for MVV.

Thanks for the reply! Im excited to get the result but bit nervous with the speaking test..hoping for the best!!! Dank je!

Well done! Congratulations!

AnnieJane :

What kind of questions they asked on speaking section.?

If you click on this link, it will take you to a website that has some examples.

AnnieJane :

Is it the recent way of the test? Thank you

I don't know; they didn't have the test when I moved to Holland; perhaps someone who has taken the test recently can confirm either way.

Hi Heart, I am English and have lived here with my family for 9 years now. I have never taken this exam as it isnt necessary. However, that might be because as an Englishman I am seen as a member of the EU.

hello  did you pass the exam? how was it? im taking it in 2weeks in manila. Any advise and tips will be greatly appreciated.


As this is an anglophone forum and in respect for all our members  we communicate only in English so everyone is capable to follow and understand the threads.

If you wish to continue in your language, I advice to communicate in private.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Hi is your kit still available?

Hi! I am taking my exam in 3 weeks and still having trouble with the speaking and listening part (can i have some suggestions on how i can improve on it?) if i finish reviewing the naar netherland kit, would it be enough preparation for the exam? Thank you!

Hi! I posted sometime back a list of websites that helped me with my exams... You can do a search.

PS: The naarnederland kit is a terrible way to learn the language. You can't depend 100% on it. It's only good to give you an idea what the exam structure will be like and possibly what words will be appear during the exam. But it doesn't explain a lot of things such as grammar. You still need to get more knowledge from other websites. Fortunately, there are lots of FREE websites online and apps that teach basic Dutch. Give yourself some time to learn and absorb. All the best!

Yeah i noticed it doesnt explain indeed how the dutch grammar works and im having a hard time with it,, that is why im so worried with the listening and speaking part of the exam😓 I got the sites you posted earlier and will focus on that one also,, thank you!

Hello Heart,I am learning dutch too but as beginner because the pronounce and accent really killing me especially like "G" you need to speak with "Kh".Almost cry to learning it haha

hey im also studying for the exam... is the mvv to move there??
I got useful selfstudy work let me know :)

hi im new here  and im planning to do exam this year im wondering if like whatr questions they asked in speaking exam? im currently now in rhenen for tourist would love to hear from you soon thank you..

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