Hello all..... Let me know please. Does any expat living in cilacap central java ? Thanks

Hello there Bambang pn,

You should introduce yourself and tell us what kind of information you are looking for.  :)

This will help you get some reactions from members of the Java forum.


There are a few expats on the island just off the coast, but they're limited term stayers, and you'll have a hard time meeting them.
I did hear some expats were working at the refinery, but that's way out of date.

What are you doing down there?

Hi ..thanks fred. I living in bekasi and working as personal driver for expat family in jakarta. But since 5 month ago i living in cilacap ( moving ). Everythings new for mw overhere ( my wife's fillage.). I wondering to get job if any expat living in cilacap ( if possible ). Thanks for your replay

I have absolutely no clue how many expats are in that area, but I suspect not very many.
I've had a search, finding some work at the oil installation, but how you'd contact them is beyond me.
You could try hanging around in immigration, but they're very likely to use agents, so hardly ever visit.

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