Which Canary Island is best for winter months? Couple aged 29 & 35

Hello, we currently live in Almeria in Southern Spain, however the winters here are exceptionally cold, so this year we would like to try living on the Canaries. I have visited the main four but my partner has never been, and we are now struggling to decide which island will be best for us.

We are fairly young-ish, no children, we work online so can be based almost anywhere with a decent Internet connection, and want to be immersed in life as we currently live in a busy tourist village, and we really like Spanish culture, fiestas etc. We would also be interested in joining Spanish lessons as we are intermediate level speakers but want to improve. We also want access to some British life too, good bars with some sport etc, as we currently live too far away to easily visit big shops or a cinema, so anything like this nearby would be great. We like lively bars but not clubs, and want to avoid anywhere rowdy!

Our initial preferences are Tenerife or Gran Canaria, but any advice would be greatly appreciated! And if anyone knows of any good long term rental agents, that would be appreciated as well. Thank you in advance!

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The eastern islands are drier and more arid, the western isles are greener but they have more rain.

I live on the most westerly isle, if we get a good weeks rain here we are very lucky, so really whichever island you choose, the climate will probably be one of the best in the world. no raging hot summers, and winters, well, they are just not permitted……….

The Canary Islands are perfect for those seeking a winter vacation. All of the islands offer different activities which you may be interested in. I would recommend that you visit the official tourism website for the Canary Islands to give you a better idea of what you are looking for. The website gives extensive details for each of the islands :

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Well a decent internet connection pretty much rules out here in Fuerteventura. I make Youtube videos which take hours to upload due to the slow internet. I get about 8.5 mbps which, amazingly, is quite good for here but not good when I was getting 50 mbps in the UK. Apart from that Fuerteventura is great, particularly if you are in to water sports.


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