Looking for new friends

HI.. I am newbies here... I am planning to go to singapore on 1st week of August... and i still have no friend there... thats why i join this forum.. nice meeting you all..

Hello emmghie2 :)

May I ask what will be bringing you to Singapore please?


Hi friend.... we have an event there, that is why i have to go to go Singapore....

Kamusta ka?
I am from Goa, India and plan to visit Singapore on the 30th October, 2017.
If you are still in Singapore I would like to meet you, if it pleases you.
I plan to visit Philippines from Singapore around 3rdNovember or so and return to Singapore after a week or so.
I will appreciate hearing from you. Yoiu may write to me at:>***
Thanking you,

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JMartins: Please read below points and avoid doing in future:

1. The mail was quite old, posted in 2015 - so responding to an old mail and asking to meet someone based on that looks absurd. Check previous message date before responding in future.

2.  Don’t provide your contact details or personal mail ID in public forum, it’s not safe and looks bad. It’s against Expat forum guidelines, avoid it. You can always use private mail to send but when it’s absolutely required.

I will request admin to hide your personal mail ID for your own safety.

Good luck.

Hello, Suryak:
Thanks for writing. I've overlooked that the mail to which I responded was quite old.
I've taken into consideration your other concerns as well.
Warm Regards.

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