Looking for female friend in Malaysia. Like a BFF

Hey guys,

So I have been living in Malaysia for 2 years and half now. I have a lot of "friends" whom are made of my colleagues. I am looking for a female friend of the age of 25-32, to go dancing, drinking with, grab coffee, go Spa, road trip, etc...

It is not easy to make friends in Malaysia at all!

A little about me: I am female, 31, married. Very out door type. Very energetic and quite crazy. I work in advertising so crazy hours. Am able to hang out only after work or weekends. I love animals and have 3 dogs.

Looking for a BFF to Hang out with. Someone not very high maintenance. Must drink. And not necessarily 100% a foody. As for me a road trip is not driving 8384883KM to eat something and go back lol

U can message me here or on my email (prefer my email) galiaa(at)

Hi Galiaa,
Saw your posting and i wanna be your friend.
Going on a roadtrip etc it will be fun .

Hi Patchoong,

Thanks for the offer, however I am only looking for female friends. :-)


I would love to but I am a bit older. so, good luck

Hi Nena,

May I ask, how much older? We may still hit it off, if the age difference is not that much. :-)

Hi.. I think I am "qualified" but I don't drink 😁


Thanks so much for the reply. You seem lovely. I am not an alcoholic hehehe however a lot of my friends and colleagues hang around bars and pubs hence the need for being able to drink :-(.

But thanks again so much for your message. :-)

Are you a financial adviser or appointment maker Galiaa just looking for custom? Because things don't seem to stack up - i.e. wont you and your BFF be doing your own thing and not hanging out with your colleagues........ So is this a new marketing technique then...... along the usual lines....... get people having confidence in you then cornering them so they cant say no...........

LOL errr no,The reason I said it like that is I drink, occasionally, and my colleagues are the only other acquaintance I have in Malaysia. meaning that I would like to introduce my new friend to the crowd so we can hang out with them time to time too. I also hold a lot of get-togethers at my place with my colleagues, in which, we drink. I am looking for a BFF type of friend not a husband/wife to spend all my time with (referring to do our own thing that you mentioned). I am not a financial advise (wish i was though, i heard the money is good) I am a creative digital manager in an advertising agency.

Anywho, thanks for the message anyway.

Hey ya, im actually looking for new friend to hang out too~

hey, I stay in Penang.... If you stay here, love to meet you :D  :)

Ohh too bad i live in kl ><

Hello there,

I am also looking for friends to have fun with, I can drink but not too much (simply because I don't really like the taste and smell *headache*)  but I can drink, only not as much as you can :)

I love music, dancing and laughing! I can't get along with a diva divas type because I don't care about brands, what handbags you carry or also how much money you have (but maybe enough for hangout not a fancy one because I don't want to hangout at home only 😔) But generally I am almost okay with anything and I can respect a lot if things because thats what friends are for! To be there when you're sad and to HAVE FUN!😝

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