Hi All,
As a foreign , how possible to get a job in Malaysia?
Please contact me

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Hi , thanks for your reply, i tried jobstree seemed so slow in response.

Jobstreet is just an advertising portal - take a look at what Emerio are offering. Positive attitude is always best. You just failed the test.

Have u found any job here? My wechat **

Hi There

How are you? Where you from? What kind of job you are looking for?


If u asking me, i am looking for a driver job in kuala lumpur for any expatriate.

It depends how much your brain works. It is all about skills, communication and leadership. If you are in education, let me know. Alex

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Hi alexander-KL, what are you looking for in people in education line?

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I am looking for a part time dj job in kualalumpur..
Any leads are much appreciated..

Thanks :)
Whatsap ***

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I am not into recruitment. Why do you ask me?` What sort of parttime job u are looking for?

what are you looking for?...we hire hostess/ me

@maxvoy you should post in our jobs in Kuala Lumpur section


but is for penang!

Hi Maxvo,

just click on the link Julien has given you and change the city, choose Penang.

Here it is : Jobs in Penang

All the best

Hi...It is not easy to find a job here as a foreign, but nothing is impossible good luck.

Hostess usually means hooker in Malaysia. Like GRO etc all the same. Malaysia is rated by the usa feds as one of the worlds top places for trafficking of women for sex and illegal workers.

So maxvoy you better clarify!


We are one established Telco Company

We have few vacancies

Let us know what qualification you are holding

Thank you

Thx i have just pm you my detaild

Hello everyone,

@ PLDT Malaysia, could you please drop your vacancies in the Jobs in Kuala Lumpur section of the website ? Members will be able to have a better idea about what you are looking for.


Dear Bhavna

Thank you for your advise

Yes we have adv our vacancy but it has just got online today

Now available on the job section

Please take a look

Many Thanks


Hi Gravitas,

I am interested to work n KL as sales executive. I worked from Oct 2915- march 2016 as Area Sales executive in Lily international based In Maldives and part of it is brand promotion of items like Evian and Hobury juice brands to luxury resorts. Do u have any suggestion of my luck here. I worked as book sales consultant for four years in the Philippines.

Job market sucks right now. Advertise any position and get 500 graduates and recently sacked staff apply. Mass redundancies in banking and oil and gas mean lots of eager cheap employees.

Also getting a work permit is now harder and anyway sales is a local job. Most expat sales jobs are related to things like beer and are high end managerial posts.

Therefore chances are well you do the math.

In maldives easy to get a work permit. I know as worked there.

I'm applying for a caregiver job I'm from Philippines ...

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good day
if interested in English tutor pls let me know

Teaching English?

I am a Filipino currently holding a tourist visa here in Malaysia. I am currently living in Bangsar K.L because my mom is working here for 25 years and she is renting a condo. I am a Sr Sales and Marketing Manager in Philippines in the field of industry real estate, consumer goods and mining.
Do you have any available jobs here in Malaysia? ***

Your reply will be very much appreciated. Thank you PLDT.

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Hi Irish,
Hi I am also a Filipino holding a tourist visa. My mom is working here for 25 years, that's the reason why I've seen how cost of living in your country is.

And how the environment is not polluted. I am currently living in Bangsar K.L and is looking for a company who hires foreigner.

Can you help me with that or do you know someone who can help me? ***

Your reply will be very much appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Yes may be I can help. Let me add your number in what's up

Let me know

May i know which country ?


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check my profile and let me know if you can help pls

Are you still hiring any opening for filipino.

Send Me Your contract Information..Thanks

Better apply  through agent ...once your tourist in malaysia then your working very difficult you know why always crackdown in malaysia..
...checking everywhere police & immigration officers.

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