Superbowl-Winning Quarterback Sues NFL Over Dubious Suspension

Hmmm. Further to my earlier post...! It's just as well I don't try to make a living making book on NFL games, eh, CCC? A scrappy game from both teams, but the Denver Defense was superb. And they won without Timmy, too!

I agree, Gordon, it was a scintillating game until the final two minutes of the fourth quarter.  Denver 24, Carolina 10.

Kudos to Von Miller and the Denver D, which reduced league MVP Cam Newton to ordinary.

As for your grandson Timmy, I'm sure he'll get his chance down the road if he decides to seek an NFL career. 

Or did you mean ex-Broncos' QB Timmy Tebow? ;)

cccmedia in Quito

CCC. Indeed I did mean Tim Tebow - one of my footballing heroes! He played some astonishing games for Denver. I know he was erratic, but very exciting to watch. There are some great YouTube videos of his games. I even dedicated one of my blog-posts to him. It might give you a chuckle; here's the link.

Brady has signed a contract extension with the Patriots through 2019, according to ESPN New England.

Brady, who is 39, will have played 20 years for the Patriots at the end of the contract term in 2019, although he missed almost all of the 2008 season with an injury.


The NFL gave Deflategate a rest for the entire NFL season and post-season after the circuit court ruled against it back in August (2015).

But now -- they’re ba-ack !

The case went before a panel of federal judges on Thursday as the NFL is appealing the circuit-court judge’s decision.

Appeals judge Denny Chin called evidence of tampering with footballs in the Deflategate case “compelling if not overwhelming.”

The three-judge panel interrogated Brady’s attorney, showing reluctance to the concept of overturning an arbitrator’s call.  Judging by news reports from the courtroom, the judges sent a clear signal that, for Tom Brady -- to borrow a basketball term -- the appelate decision will not be a ‘slam dunk.’

The appeal will apparently go on for months, possibly into the NFL season next fall.


Here's a report on that same point, CCC - from, no less! … e-hearing/

How long could the Deflategate case go on while Brady keeps playing football?


If the NFL convinces two of the three appeals-panel judges to rule in the league’s favor, Brady can then appeal to the entire Circuit Court.

If the NFL were to win again on that appeal, Brady could ask the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case.

The four-game suspension the NFL is seeking would not be enforced until all appeals are exhausted.

Source:  Post by Mike Florio, NBC Sports

  -- cccmedia

April 25, 2016....

(From Associated Press)

In a split decision, the federal appeals panel in New York today voted 2-1 against Brady, ruling he is to serve the four-game suspension the NFL originally sought as Deflategate punishment.


The AP report says the decision may put an end to the legal battle over Deflategate....

    but I don't think so.


cccmedia :

How long could the Deflategate case go on while Brady keeps playing football?


  -- cccmedia

Sounds like the lawyers are winning this game.

As always!

Tom Brady’s legal team has been working toward getting him back on the field for the start of the 2016 season.

A high-powered D.C. attorney has been added to the legal team -- one who has argued before the U.S. Supreme Court 62 times, including Bush v. Gore in the Y2K presidential election:  Ted Olsen.

Olsen has gotten an extension to petition the full Second Circuit Court, which has 13 active members, to re-hear the case.  That extension is up next week (May 23, 2016).

This is not Olsen’s first time up against the NFL.  He was involved in the league’s lockout of players in 2011, representing the NFL Players Association.


  -- cccmedia

So far, in the first hearing of the case and in the appeal that re-instated Brady's four-game suspension, two of the 13 active members of the Second Circuit Court are on record siding with Brady and two have sided with the NFL.

If Brady’s new super-lawyer, Ted Olsen, doesn’t get a re-hearing from the full Circuit Court, there are other options for Brady and company.

One scenario is a settlement with the league, although that is widely considered unlikely to happen.

Another involves the sole United States Supreme Court Justice assigned to the Second Circuit -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  She was appointed by a Democratic President (Bill Clinton), is part of the liberal/progressive wing of the High Court and has a prior New England connection -- as member of the Harvard Law Review.  These factors may predispose Justice Ginsburg to aiding Brady in advancing his case.

Scenario:  If Olsen were denied a stay by the Circuit Court so he could ask the Supremes to take up the case, he could then appeal to Justice Ginsburg for a stay. 

“Stay” tuned.

sources: and Pro Football Talk


Brady and the NFL Players Association’s revamped Legal Dream Team met today’s May 23 (2016) deadline to appeal the 2-to-1 decision reinstating his four-game suspension.

The Dream Team argues that Commissioner Goodell overstepped the bounds of his role as arbitrator .. re-assessed the facts on appeal .. and perhaps, most importantly...

the commissioner’s actions jeopardize the future of collective bargaining, making it less likely going forward that businesses will agree to submit to the arbitration process since an arbitrator could be unbound by sound, consistent practices.

source: The Boston Globe

  -- cccmedia

Brady/NFLPA’s petition for an appeal might be decided in about a month.  If the appeal is granted, at least seven of the Second Court of Appeal’s 13 active judges would have to side with Brady and the NFLPA for his case to win out.

Appeals at this level are rarely granted.  However, if other labor unions submit amicus briefs in support, the case could be seen as involving basic labor-fairness principles in the arbitration process, making it more likely an appeal would be granted.

Win or lose, an appeal would take enough time that Brady could likely play for the entire 2016 NFL season.  His Patriots will face Arizona in Week 1, September 11th.


-- cccmedia

cccmedia :

Appeals at this level are rarely granted.  However, if other labor unions submit amicus briefs in support, the case could be seen as involving basic labor-fairness principles in the arbitration process, making it more likely an appeal would be granted.

The largest organization of union members in the U.S. has now stepped up to support Brady’s case.

The AFL-CIO -- which represents 11.6 million union members -- has filed a 7-page brief requesting that the circuit court overturn Brady’s suspension..

The organization argues that, in upholding the original suspension, NFL Commissioner Goodell acted in a way that was “arbitrary and capricious.”

The AFL-CIO brief says that Goodell overstepped his powers by acting inconsistently with his duty to be a neutral arbitrator.

source:  New England media outlets


Brady has lost his latest appeal.  The full Circuit Court in New York will not hear his case, thus affirming the commissioner’s disciplinary powers and dealing a blow to labor rights.

So, does that mean Tom Brady will now miss Weeks 1 through 4 of the NFL season, starting September 10th (2016) ?

That may depend on whether he and his legal avatars decide to throw a ‘Hail Mary’ pass and seek a hearing before the United States Supreme Court.


Flash!  Brady Decides Not to Appeal Four-Game Deflategate Suspension

Tom Brady announced this weekend that he will not pursue a possible appeal to the United States Supreme Court in the Deflategate matter.

This apparently puts an end to a year-and-a-half of legal wrangling with the NFL commissioner’s office over whether Brady would miss four games, at this point the first four games of the 2016 NFL regular season. 

He will be eligible to resume play against the Browns in Week 5, in the subsequent 11 games of the upcoming season, plus, of course, the playoffs.

Jimmy Garoppolo, who has never started an NFL game, is Brady’s backup and now expects to start the season for the Patriots as QB, September 11th against Arizona.


From August 2016....

Tom Brady announced this weekend that he will not pursue a possible appeal to the United States Supreme Court in the Deflategate matter....

Jimmy Garoppolo, who has never started an NFL game, is Brady’s backup and now expects to start the season for the Patriots as QB, September 11th against Arizona.


Sept. 12 Update....

Garoppolo did start in Arizona and delighted Patriots fans in the opening moments with a 37-yard-touchdown pass for a 7-0 lead.

At that point, Pats fans posted humorous tweets .. “Tom who ?” ... “Trade Brady.”

25-year-old Jimmy G. threw for 264 yards with no interceptions (only the one TD pass), yet the Patriots needed a big break to hold off Phoenix in the late going.

Veteran QB Carson Palmer had marched the Cardinals down the field in the final three minutes with pinpoint passes to his receiver-corps, and Phoenix set up for a mid-range field goal that would have won the game.

The FG snap was low, however, throwing off the kicker’s timing .. and he shanked the attempt to the left of the goalposts, giving New England the win, 23-21.

All the other teams in the AFC East lost on Sunday, so the once-and-future Patriots of Tom Brady surprisingly lead the division by one game heading into Week 2 of the season and of the Brady suspension.


Brady’s backup, Jimmy Garoppolo, was injured in Week 2’s game vs. Miami, reducing the Patriots to an untested rookie as the only remaining game-quarterback on the current roster*  .. with a short week to prepare for Week 3’s Thursday night game vs. Houston.

Garoppolo tuned up the Dolphins for one quarter and part of a second in Week 2, throwing for three touchdowns and a 24-0 lead before being ridden to the ground on a pass completion.  The resulting shoulder injury could put Garoppolo out for the last two games of the Brady suspension period (Weeks 3 and 4).

After rookie third-string QB Jacoby Brissett entered the game for New England, Miami roared back.  Down 31-24 in the final minutes, Miami QB Ryan Tannehill drove his team down the field and threw a ball to the end zone in an effort to tie the game with five seconds remaining.

New England’s Duron Harmon intercepted that pass at the back line of the end zone, preserving the 31-24 win.

However, with Brady suspended and Garoppolo hurt, 2-and-0 New England has only three off-days to prepare before hosting the also-undefeated Texans on Thursday night.  Will the Pats' QB be rookie Brissett or a still-to-be-signed veteran QB who may not currently be on the Patriots roster.  Matt Flynn?  Michael Vick?  Julian Edelman?


*Not including emergency quarterback Julian Edelman who was a QB at Kent State in Ohio.  In his senior year at Kent State, Edelman threw 13 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, and was also the Golden Flashes' leading rusher with 1,370 yards and 13 additional touchdowns. (Edelman stats by Wikipedia.)  He is a current Patriot wide receiver and kick returner who won a Super Bowl with the Patriots in February 2015.

No Brady.  No Garappolo.  No problem.

In Week 3 vs. the Texans, the Patriots (now 3-0) dominated the visitors, 27-0, as defense and special teams excelled.

Third-string rookie quarterback Jeremy Brissett threw for just 103 yards while showing poise and scoring a touchdown on a 27-yard run.  In the second half, the Patriots' running game with LeGarrette Blount (105 yards rushing, two TD’s) exposed the thin D-line of Texas en route to New England’s first shutout of an opponent in nearly four years (28-0 vs. Pittsburgh in the 2012 regular season).

Bill Belichick now has 10 days to prepare for a home game vs. currently-winless Buffalo, the last game before Brady’s return from suspension in Week 5 at Cleveland.


Tom Brady’s suspension from the NFL is now over, and he will be back under center this coming Sunday.

His presence is evidently much-needed by the Patriots (3-1 without him), who suffered a rare loss at home in Week 4 behind their third-string quarterback.  In their first home shutout since 1993, two potential TD-passes that were dropped and various offensive penalties resulted in a 16-0 defeat by the Buffalo Bills (2-2).

Brady, who was photographed sunbathing Euro-style with his supermodel-wife on their vacation in Italy this past week (New York Post photos), will be back on the practice field in Massachusetts -- preparing for a road game at Cleveland in Week 5.


He’s back !

Fresh off his 4-game suspension, Tom Brady came out with a brilliant performance from the outset at Cleveland, leading the Patriots to touchdowns on their first three drives of Week 5.  He threw for 271 yards in the first two quarters with New England piling up its most yardage in a first-half in seven years (vs. Tennessee, Oct. 2009).

By the first Patriots possession of the second half, on a touchdown throw to ex-Bear/first-year Patriot TE Martellus Bennett, New England had a 30-7 lead over the Browns and Brady was on his way to only his eighth 400-yard passing day in his 17-year career.  The Patriots cruised from there versus the now 0-5 Browns.

The new Brady-to-Bennett connection was good for three passing touchdowns.  The other tight end, Gronkowki, had his first big day of the season.  On one pass from Brady, Gronk shed a series of four would-be tacklers on a long romp to inside Cleveland's two-yard line.

Brady’s #1 backup, Jimmy Garoppolo, back from a shoulder injury, mopped up at QB in the fourth period with the game out of reach for the Browns.


Week 6 of the NFL season...

In Tom Brady's homecoming in New England -- his first home game since doing his Deflategate time -- he and the Patriots dominated Cincinnati in the second half to win, 35-17.  Brady completed 29 of 35 for 376 yards .. and he became the fourth QB in NFL history to pass for 5,000 completions.

For the first time in the season, the Brady-to-Gronkowski connection reached its potential, with Brady consistently hitting the big tight end in stride, leading to big gains on YAC -- yards after catch -- as Gronk shed defenders and consistently carried the ball deep into Bengals territory.  He caught his first TD of the season and gained a career-high in pass-catching yardage.

Brady exposed the depleted Cincy secondary .. and penalties and the deteriorating play of ageing Bengals LB Carlos Dansby enabled New England (5-1) to run up the score.

In the week leading up to the Cincinnati game, Brady was named AFC offensive player of the week for his 400-yard passing game at Cleveland in Week 5.


NFL Week 7....

Brady passed for his seventh and eighth TD passes in his third game of the season.

Key plays were a 36-yard scoring pass to TE Gronkowski and a 37-yarder to Gronk to the Pittsburgh 4-yard line leading to another touchdown. 

The Patriots (6-1) beat the Steelers, 27-16, opening up a two-game lead over division rival Buffalo.  The Bills, the only team to beat New England this year -- and it was while Brady was away -- host the Patriots in Week 8 in upstate New York.


Week 8:

When the Buffalo Bills beat the Patriots earlier in October, Brady was still serving his suspension .. and a third-string QB was under center for New England.

With Brady back, it was a different story on this Sunday.

Passing for 315 yards and four touchdowns, Brady led the Patriots to victory, 41-25.  At the midway point in the season, they have the NFL’s best record -- 7-1 -- and lead second-place Buffalo in the AFC East by three games.

Two of Brady’s TD passes went for 53 yards each .. and he completed his fourth scoring pass only one minute into the second half, following a spectacular third-period kickoff return of 73 yards by Danny Amendola.


Weeks 9 and 10....

Coming off a Week 9 bye, the Patriots faced a rematch against the Seattle Seahawks, the team they beat in the February 2015 Super Bowl.

The back-and-forth affair in New England ended with Brady and the Patriots (7-2) coming up one yard short of a tie in the final seconds of the fourth quarter.  It is the first loss for Brady in the 2016 season. 

In the 31-24 loss to Seattle, Brady did not throw a touchdown pass, and was intercepted for the first time in the five games he has played.

In fact, before the second-quarter pick, Brady and his early-season QB replacements threw for an NFL-team-record 258 passes to start a season without a single interception, surpassing the 2008 Redskins (251 passes to start).


Week 11:

Tom Brady grew up in suburban San Francisco, so Sunday's game against the 49ers was a homecoming for him .. and his first road game ever at the Niners in his long NFL career.

Brady had to deal with a 'heavy ball' challenge, though nothing akin to the alleged Deflategate -- these footballs were soaked by heavy rainfall that fell during most of the game.

Besides dodging raindrops, Brady dodged 49er pass rushers, often beating them by a split second on key plays to throw four touchdown passes and 280 yards in the air, with no turnovers.

The Patriots (8-2) dominated the second half to take a 30-10 lead before surrendering a late, meaningless touchdown by the home team.


Week 12:

Versus the New York Jets, Tom Brady -- though hobbled by a knee injury that reduced his weekly practice time -- threw two touchdowns and led two TD drives in the fourth quarter to lead the Patriots to a 22-17 win.

Wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell stepped up in the absence of Brady’s favored target Gronkowski, who came off a chest injury, but only played briefly before going down again.

Brady reached two personal milestones -- 200 wins and 60,000 passing yards.  Only four other QB’s have passed for so much yardage.

Entering December, the Patriots have the best record in the conference, 9-2, with a two-game lead in the AFC East and a Week 13 game back at home again the woeful defense of the Los Angeles Rams.  The Rams game up 49 points this weekend.  Brady must be licking his chops.


Week 13:

Tom Brady made NFL history in Sunday’s game against the L.A. Rams.  He became the winningest quarterback in the history of the league.

In front of his home crowd, Brady won his 201st game for New England (10-2), breaking a tie with Peyton Manning. 

Manning won 200 games for the Colts and Broncos while playing  in 30 more games than Brady has played.

Brady passed for one touchdown, no interceptions, and 269 yards.  With Gronkowski, Brady’s long-play threat, now out for the season with back surgery, most of the Patriots points came from the kicking game.

Once again, Malcolm Mitchell stepped up as the featured receiver, with eight catches on Sunday, mostly for mid-range yardage.

The Patriots led 26-3 and held the Rams to 90 total yards until a meaningless L.A. drive in the final two minutes.

With Miami losing after a six-game win streak, Brady’s Patriots have achieved a seemingly insurmountable three-game lead in the AFC East .. and could clinch the division as early as next week.


Week 14:

In front of a national audience on NFL Monday Night Football, Brady passed for 406 yards and three touchdowns.

Second-half turnovers kept the Baltimore Ravens in the game at New England.  Brady threw his second interception of the year.

In the fourth period with Baltimore within three points, Brady hit WR Chris Hogan on a post pattern for the Patriots’ longest play of the year -- 79 yards and a score.  They won, 30-23, to achieve the AFC’s best record (11-2).

The Pats have salted away the AFC East title behind the oldest position-player in the NFL.  At age 39, Brady may have that distinction for a while.  Brady wants to play till he’s in his mid-40’s.


Week 15:

Tom Brady had trouble getting started on a sub-freezing day at mile-high altitude against the famous Denver Bronco defense.  He did not complete a pass until the second quarter and did not throw a touchdown pass in the game.

But his otherwise mistake-free play was more than good enough to give his team a 16-3 win as the Patriots 'D' utterly dominated the Denver offense and the retired Peyton Manning’s successor in the second half.

The victory earns New England (12-2) a first-round bye in the NFL playoffs that start in January.


Hey, CCC: As an American-Football fan, you may like a book I've just read. It's called "Playing for Pizza", by John Grisham. Not your usual Grisham novel - actually, nothing like any of his others that I've read - but a wonderfully well-told story about a washed-up NFL QB whom nobody wants and who ends up playing for a team in Italy. I've just read it for the second time in a year, and it was just as much fun as the first time. Do yourself a favour! (Of course, if you can find a copy. I found mine in a used-books jumble-sale.)

Oh, and let me know what you think of it.

Thanks, Gordon.

I see it's available on as a Kindle book.

I'll look into it.


Week 16:

At home to the New York Jets on Christmas Eve Day, Brady and Company blew out the visitors.

Brady threw three TD passes and was lifted uncharacteristically early, in the third period, with the Patriots about to take a 41-0 lead.

Patriots CB Malcolm Butler notably performed the NFL version of a “hat trick” in this game.  He made two interceptions and had a fumble recovery for a total of three takeaways in the rout of the Jets.  As a rookie, Butler had made the most famous interception in Super Bowl history two years ago in the Patriots' win over the Seattle Seahawks, sealing New England's championship in the postseason of Deflategate..


Week 17:

New calendar year, same excellence from Tom Brady.

Brady threw three more touchdown passes as the Patriots closed out the regular season on a seven-game winning streak, defeating the Dolphins in Miami on New Year’s Day, 35-14.

The game turned when Patriots LB Shea McClellin picked up a fourth-quarter Miami fumble near the New England goal line and ran the ball back almost 70 yards.

The Patriots (14-2) finished with the best record in their conference, assuring them of home-field in their January playoff games.

Brady set a record by throwing 254 passes on the road during the season without an interception.  His overall touchdowns-to-interceptions ratio (only two picks) also set a record.

Brady won 11 of the 12 games he quarterbacked.  Despite his season being shortened by the Deflategate suspension, Brady is among the two top contenders for the NFL’s Most Valuable Player trophy .. along with Atlanta’s quarterback Matt Ryan.


Tom Brady has made a believer out of the Las Vegas sportsbooks.

The Houston Texans have been bashed by Brady's Patriots each of the four times they have visited New England for a game over the years.  Actually, Brady missed the 27-0 thrashing of the Texans in September (2016) during his suspension as the Patriots’ third-string quarterback got the win.

The Vegas bookies have just made the Patriots minus-16 favorites for their playoff game hosting the Texans on Saturday -- meaning the Pats are favored to win by more than two touchdowns. 

It’s the largest point-spread in NFL Playoffs history between two teams in the American Football Conference.  It’s a mild surprise because Houston has the league’s best defense, currently starring linebacker Jadeveon Clowney.

The Texans managed to get past Oakland in the first week of the playoffs, while the Patriots had the week off.  They had earned a bye by attaining the AFC’s best record.


Despite being intercepted twice and repeatedly getting roughed up physically by the motivated Texans' defense, Tom Brady led the Patriots to a 34-16 win in the playoff game at Foxboro.

New England relied on occasional Brady bombs, a special-teams runback for a TD and a defense that intercepted Houston three times and held the Texans to a single touchdown.

Although Houston was still within striking distance until early in the fourth quarter, New England dominated the period and covered the big spread, winning by 18.

Dion Lewis starred for New England, scoring three touchdowns -- on a run, on a Brady pass and on a 98-yard kickoff return.

It's back to Gillette Stadium next weekend for a game that will determine whether Tom Brady will return to the Super Bowl this season.


AFC Championship Game -- determining the AFC team representing the Conference in the Super Bowl --Pittsburgh Steelers at New England, January 22, 2017....

Tom Brady torched the Steelers for 384 yards of passing -- the most yardage he’s ever achieved in a post-season game -- and the Patriots romped, 36-17.

That puts New England back in the Super Bowl for the first time since the Deflategate post-season of two years ago.

Brady’s receiver-tandem of Hogan and Edelman set an NFL post-season receiving record of 298 yards.  The pair scored three touchdowns on passes from Number 12, who punctuated his decade-long domination of QB Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers.

On February 5th in Houston, Texas, Brady will attempt to win his fifth Super Bowl title, which would eclipse the record of four quarterback wins in the big game that he currently shares with Joe Montana (San Francisco) and Terry Bradshaw (Pittsburgh).

In Super Bowl LI, Brady will be matched up against Atlanta Falcons QB “Matty Ice” Ryan, his regular-season rival for league Most Valuable Player.


With New England en route to crushing the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFC title game at Foxboro, Mass., Patriots broadcaster Scott Zolak hung a sign outside his booth, asking “Where’s Roger?”

The reference was to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who has not made a single appearance at Gillette Stadium during the two years since the dubious penalty he meted out to Tom Brady for his alleged Deflategate transgression.  Goodell has been attending other teams’ playoff games, and on Sunday was on hand at the Packers-Falcons game in Atlanta.

Goodell’s personal boycott of Patriots games will end at the Super Bowl on February 5th when the commissioner will be in attendance  -- having "no choice but to watch Brady, the maestro as always” .. and a New England defense that is discounted no more.

  -- The New York Times

As if Tom Brady needed any more incentive to win the Super Bowl -- he doesn’t -- he lost the NFL Most Valuable Player Award to his Super Bowl opposing quarterback, Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons.  The award was announced 24 hours before the Super Bowl.

Ryan got 25 votes to Brady’s 10.  Playing a full season whereas Brady missed four games due to suspension, Ryan passed for 1,400 more yards and ten more touchdowns than Brady.

Ryan passed for more than nine yards per pass this season -- the most ever for a quarterback with 400-plus completions.

Brady won NFL Most Valuable Player in 2007 and 2010.


With the Super Bowl hours away, Brady has the opportunity on Sunday night to show the world he can outperform the league MVP on the NFL’s biggest stage .. and then accept the Lombardi trophy from the commissioner who tried to ruin his season with a Dubious Suspension.


                           The Legend of Tom Brady: 
            The Greatest Quarterback in Superbowl History

In Super Bowl LI in Houston, the Atlanta Falcons' defense battered and harrassed Tom Brady, he missed targets, his receivers dropped balls, and -- after two quarters and most of the third -- the New England Patriots trailed, 28 to 3.

It would take the biggest comeback in half a century of Super Bowls even to tie the game in regulation -- let alone win it in overtime -- and that's what transpired.

Brady had already passed for 416 yards in four quarters, a Super Bowl record, when the Patriots scored a touchdown the final minute of the fourth quarter and converted a two-point try to come all the way back and tie the Super Bowl at 28-28.  The Super Bowl, after fifty consecutive games settled in regulation, would be decided in overtime.

The Patriots, led by Brady, then cruised down the field in overtime on an 80-yard touchdown drive to win the game.

The final:  Patriots 34, Atlanta 28

Brady had led the Patriots to 31 unanswered points in the third period, the fourth period and overtime .. in winning his unprecedented fifth Super Bowl as quarterback .. and cementing his now-unchallenged reputation as the greatest quarterback in the history of the Super Bowl.

The NFL commissioner, who had suspended Brady for the first four games of this season, shook Brady's hand after the game .. and -- in presenting Pats owner Robert Kraft the Vince Lombardi trophy -- called Sunday night's victory "a great achievement."


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