Looking for a share in Bali or Ireland on the Aran Islands to write

I am educated with high level of common sense, happy, fun to be with, respectful of others peace, and quiet wishing the same.  I would like to write my book in Bali or on the Aran Islands Inishmoor, Ireland. Wish to move by August first week.
Am very clean, healthy, practice yoga, and meditating walk a lot to clear my thoughts. Would like to have a clean space, and be surrounded by nature loved climbing the ruins on the Aran Islands back in 2002. Want to get away from the hustle of America, and finally put my book to start for which will help many people in our world. Please call me if you have a place for rent that is not to high 900 a month is high.  I have extensive experience in the creative world I fashion, set design and the whole Hollywood scene if perhaps a creative is looking for a hard working accomplished assistant.
Thank you,

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As you surely must already know, Bali has been the place where many writers in the past have come to find the perfect setting and inspiration to write their books.  As a former New Yorker myself, you just might find Bali to be perfect for you.

You might have a look at the central mountains area of Bali, in and around Bedugul, Batur, Munduk, etc.  And, you might also consider a home stay with a Balinese family which in itself will provide a great foundation, peace, tranquility and endless stimulus to get those creative juices flowing.

While you can do a good amount of research in advance of coming over to Bali, you really need to be here to see for yourself and look around for that perfect combination that you’ll immediately recognize once confronted with it. 

Good luck, and good writing!

And the weather is far better than on an island at the mercy of Atlantic storms.
You won't need to pack a stormproof coat if you chose Bali, but a brolly is a good idea.

Go to the Aran Islands, it will be so cold and wet during the winter that you will be forced to stay inside and write..... Bali is too beautiful and too distracting :)

Hi Maggy,
I coincidentally read your posting on  I live in Jimbaran area,  Southern Bali.  You choose the right world if you want to write a book and practice  yoga meditation in Bali.  My daughters live in a housing for rent in Kerobokan, Kuta, near their office, for only  approx. usd 150 per month (a large room with A/C, kitchenette, very clean shower room and a double bed).  It's a quite place to stay. 

Please write me if you need more info about Bali.

I most strongly urge lady forum members not to share contact details with people they don't know well, or long term forum members can't vouch for.

You just don't know who you'll meet - it could be a nice chap in the hotel industry, or a wannabe agent trying to sell anything to anyone he can inflate the price to. Next thing you know, you could be buying scrap ships or three coal mines, or at least listening to some dude trying a sales pitch.

Safety first.

Hi Fred,
Thank's for your positive comment. I am just a grandfather with 5 daughters and 1 grand daughters living in Jalan Danau Batur 30, Jimbaran. I am now a freelance Property agent in Bali, also trade in 3 coal mines in East Kalimantan that is all true. I am not fake and not try to cheat a lady stranger. Please visit me and I am happy to introduce you to my daughters for a morning cofee chat at Metis Kerobokan.  Just to convince, ***. But this forum is not for argueing issues. My best regards, Kuntadi Joseph

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