Obtaining Cars in Malaysia

Hi all

Both myself and my partner are soon to relocate to Kuala Lumpur.
My parter has a job and is keen to secure a vehicle very quickly. she will be working at Nexus school where i understand public transport does not reach.

What are are best options in regards to obtaining a car?

We are not in the position to pay cash for two cars (assuming i will need one as soon as i find full time work)

Which companies offer loan to buy schemes (finance)?
Alternatively which companies specialise in long term rental (not holiday rental)?

Any help appreciated

Hi there,

About the car, yes its all depending on ur location. As for the car, only banks have loan for the car but its not easy to apply...

What i would suggest is for you to buy 2nd hand good quality car... When r u coming here?

I urge you to think carefully about where you choose to live as well (it will affect your transportation needs) as many foreigners find they become isolated by living outside the expat preferred areas.

To be honest, with taxi apps it may be possible to just have one work car and your partner use taxis. They would definitely cost less than a monthly rental for a second car. You could explore together with one car and I will predict that there will be only a handful of destinations the partner will probably want to visit regularly. Lifestyle is vey different here so projecting your current one onto Malaysia is probably a mistake. Suggest you try and live easy distance from LRT train line from Kelana Jaya to Gombak for mobility reasons. i.e. you really wouldn't want to drive into KL City Centre. The other option is to use the  KLIA Transit line to KL Sentral for mobility (Its the airport line but service stops at more stations). What type of work are your qualified to do?

Dear Sir,
May i suggest you hire a personal driver to drive you and your partner around. You can hire me as your personal driver if needed.
At the same time try searching for a car to purchase.
Regards Patrick

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Hi, have you manage to find the car and house? As for the car, I think Toyota will be able to give out the loan provided that you can show them the proper income documents.

As for the accommodation, have yours decide where to stay? Please let me know if you need any help.


I know a guy who is selling his Honda accord 2005 for cheap and can make it easy for you to own it.

Bit late dude!

For everyone
Also be very wary of anyone offering to make it easy. Lots of scams in malaysia and illegal car ownership plans that unravel in an accident.

If you want save time and cost better buy a motorbike instead of buying another car. Because if you buy a car you need  to fill up petrol, you will be stock in the traffic specially when its raining, you need to pay the toll.

If you buy a new car from a dealer then the dealer will arrange a loan for you with one of the local banks. I bought a Nissan back in 2008 and Nissan arranged a loan with the RHB Bank.

Another thing to consider, if you participate in the MM2H program, you can buy your car tax free (depends on which brand and model). For example, when I bought my Nissan the normal price was RM145,000 but with the MM2H program and some negotiating, I bought the car for RM91,000. The tax free offer only applies to one car and you need to purchase it within a year of obtaining your MM2H Visa.

But probably if I were in your situation I would look for second hand cars of between 2 - 4 years old with low mileage and accident free in order to buy them at the best price. I'd also get them independently inspected to make sure that everything is in order.

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Lucelyn Manlapaz :

If you want save time and cost better buy a motorbike instead of buying another car. Because if you buy a car you need  to fill up petrol, you will be stock in the traffic specially when its raining, you need to pay the toll.

I'd recommend holding off on moving to a motorcycle or scooter until you've learned how to navigate KL traffic. I personally use a Vespa for 90% of my driving, but I lived in Malaysia for 2 years before I attempted to use the bike to get around. And even then probably took a good six months before I was confident on the roads, and I still avoid the highways. Many local Malaysians (including my wife) will not use a motorbike at all, and I know MANY Malaysian wives that are scared to death of their husbands and children being out on bikes.

Riding a bike can save you a lot of time, esp during jams. There are days that it takes me 45-60 minutes in the car to get to work, and never more than 12 minutes on the bike (the reason I use it 90% of the time). Parking is so much easier, and cheaper (but I did get one RM100 parking ticket with my bike, along with 30 others at the same time), and my petrol cost went from about RM150 per month to about RM15. So overall using a bike saves time and money, but it's an adventure for a westerner the first time out for sure. Also keep in mind that probably 80% of road casualties are motorcyclists, so if you do go for a bike BE CAREFUL. My rule of thumb is that 90% you're in a small accident with a car you come out uninjured, in ANY motorcycle accident (no matter how small) you're most likely to have at least some scraps and bruises.

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