Caribbean nationals in Ningbo

Hi there,
I am a Jamaican living and working in Ningbo. I have been teaching English in a primary school here since February of this year. I just wondered if there are any other Jamaicans or people from the Caribbean living and working in Ningbo or Hangzhou?


Hi - Take a look at the Networking directory

Thanks, I'll have a look.

Hi, this is Howard. I am happy to hear that you are a JAMAICAN, living and working in China. How is it? How is the salary? I really want to hear more..... everything.


Hi Howard,  I will say that it is a mixed bag of everything. So far I'm surviving. If you would like to talk more, please send a message to my  inbox on this site and I will try to answer all your questions.


There are many in Shanghai. Also there is a Caribbean association in China and we host events in SH.

If your looking for a salon check out Studio Ebony, it's a Jamaican owned

Thanks very much. I've seen the website for the Caribbean Association so I'll try to register there. I live in Ningbo, which is about 3 hrs by train from Shanghai. If I'm every in Shanghai I'll try to find the salon.

Am a Trinidadian, who spent many years in Barbados now living in Chengdu

Hi, nice to meet you. Have you met any other Caribbean people since you've been here?


   I'm a Jamaican living in Ningbo. Are you still in Ningbo?

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