greetings from me; an indonesian in milan

hi all,

i'm a new member here in my name is andi and i'm from Jakarta, Indonesia. I've been living here for about 8 months now. i'm a student in International Master of Corporate Communication at Universitta Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and will be graduating in October. Back home in Jakarta i worked in Marketing PR and Corporate Communication area for about 10 years and looking forward to have an international career here in Milan or other cities in Europe, as well as having a strong international network.

Right now i'm focusing on finishing my studies while doing part time consultancy project here with Google Italy, and also working on my italian. hopefully i can find a permanent employment soon after i graduate and be able to stay here in Milan because i love it so much.

i love to meet new people and its always nice to have a new friends other than my friends from school. if u are interested to meet and have a nice conversation, please contact me and we can go out for an aperitivo or something :)



Hi I wish to be your friend.

Hi Andini:)

Im Shida from SG:)


thank you for replying my message :)

Hello and welcome,

maybe we can arrange a meeting with new expats in town to chat and help during first weeks in Milan.

are you still studying italian?



yes i am still studying here in milan and also still studying italian language :)

sure if there is a meeting for chat i would love to come..


how old are you?

Hey Andini.. salam kenal..
kapan2 meet up yuk, ngopi or shopping bareng  :) susah nyari temen nongkrong bareng dsini


Iya yuuk,kabar2in aja ya kapan bisanya :)..japri ke aprimaniasari[at] atau ke ***


Okay.. gw save no. Nya ya.. ini ***

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Hello :cheers:

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Thank you


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