Emirati cuisine


When living abroad, tasting the local cuisine is part of discovering the country.

What is your favorite food in the United Arab Emirates?

What is the local speciality?

Share with us the local tastes of the United Arab Emirates and why not your best recipe.

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Hi Dear

Hello there Mustafa Malik,

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Any local speciality/delicacy to propose ?

What you do like most about about Emirati cuisine ? ;)

Do not hesitate to participate if you can.


shawarma..  :P

does it count as Emirati Cuisine..??

mujahid5034 :

shawarma..  :P

does it count as Emirati Cuisine..??


meylas emirati, Abudhabi this is the place you find authentic emirati food at affordable cost

https://www.maggime.com/en/recipes/chicken-salona/10539 Chicken Salona. It is packed with high energy cause it almost contains all vegetable's. And also along with the vegetables, it has a unique flavor that comes from the perfect blending of  the spices. https://www.maggime.com/en/recipes/chicken-salona/10539

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