Turkish cuisine


When living abroad, tasting the local cuisine is part of discovering the country.

What is your favorite food in Turkey?

What is the local speciality?

Share with us the local tastes of Turkey and why not your best recipe.

Thank you in advance,


Antep lahmacun. It's bigger that Adana lahmacun with no onions. Also known as Turkish pizza. It goes down well with a nice cool glass of ayran.
  And also incir reçel (fig jam) with whole fragrant plump fruits. Amazing addition to the massive Turkish breakfast.
  But the best kebab is Adana kebab!  So tasty.

Coming from Pakistan, I honestly find Turkish food to be pretty bland in taste as I am used to hot spices (Turkish 'spiciest' dish would be ranked 4/10 on the spice level, but thats just me!).
However, if you are fortunate enough to get home cooked Turkish food, you will find it to be very healthy and tasteful too.

One thing that really takes the cakes (literally) for me is their deserts. They are addictive and can give you upwards of 20 pounds within a year (true story)!

  -When I came to Turkey the first time, I literally fell in love with their home made jams.
  -Other than that, the baklava and Turkish delight are the usual delicacies, but for me, there is nothing better than the Kunefe. You would be lucky to find a delicious kunefe with cheese dripping out on every bite. In one year, i had only one awesome Kunefe, I have unfortunately forgotten the exact place where I had it..
  -Lokma is something that reminds me of jalebi back home. Equally delicious!
  -I was also introduced to the Turkish version of Profiterol, cream puffed balls covered in chocolate syrup and strawberries. Find the right place to get the best Profiterol!
  -You may also want to try Turkish ice cream. Though it doesn't compare to its contemporaries in Italy and some other places, though it is worth trying!

Bon apetit, or as the Turkish say, Afiyet olsun!

Hi all

I want to make a list and give small information :)

1) Baklava
Baklava is the most beautiful invention by Turks. However,  if you eat it from wrong hand, you will never eat again. It s really important who make it. Gaziantep is famous for it as everybody know in Turkey. But in other cities such restaurants like  Hacıbaba, Güllüoğlu (not every brunch), Düveroğlu, make them delicious. So Baklava is my favorite one.

2) Ezogelin Soup
You may think that how tasty  may soup be?? But ezogelin soup is extremely delicious. It is not only delicious but also so healthful Like a medicine, contains lots of spicy and vegetable.

3) Su Böreği
I didn't want to translate it I don't  know how can be translate either. It is kind of pasty, but not western style. Little bit fatty but you wouldn't care when you eat it. options are with cheese or with meat 

4) Menemen

Other magical simple meal created by Turks. Recipe is very simple. you can cook it by yourself at you home. slices onion and green pepper, quite loose dressed tomato and lastly egg and off course spices. cooked them right order and eat. 

5) Zeytinyağlı Biber-Kabak-Patlıcan Dolması ( filled vegetables with olive oil). My last meal is dolma. Especially for summer, it s so light and tasty. I prefer eat with cacık or yogurt.

Except Baklava, this meals can not be found at restaurants easily. They are daily meals. So you should be a guest to someone for dinner or lunch :)
Have a nice meal!!

Cheers … u-40037588

Top ten list of Turkish meat balls  shop (köfteci) in Turkey

Tarihi Sultanahmet Halk Köftecisi Selim Usta -Istanbul . (Telefon: 0212 520 05 66)
Meşhur Filibe Köftecisi -Istanbul  (Telefon: 0212 519 39 76)
Bursa Çiçek Izgara- Bursa (Telefon: 0 224 221 65 26)
Köfteci Ali Baba -Istanbul (Telefon: 0212 265 36 12)
Özcanlar- Tekirdağ (Telefon: 0282 263 27 10)
Köfteci Ramiz- Manisa . (Telefon: 0 236 412 20 02)
Nihat Usta Köfte Salonu -Trabzon . (Telefon 0 462 228 00 50)
Meşhur Şamlılı Köfteci Kardeşler -  - Telefon: 0 266 243 53 13)
Meşhur Köfteci Recep Usta-Istanbul -   Babadan oğula (Telefon: 0216 321 49 77)

Why nobody mention about '' Hamsili pilav ''  (Rice with hamsi fish on it) ?

I would like to know about the ingredients in the so called "turkish pizza" 'cause I'm a pizza's big fan, but w/ some spices allergic issues.Thanx

Not exactly sure what you mean by 'so called' here.

The ingredients to Lahmacun are as follows
Onion, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, salt/pepper/cumin, parsley, wheat & olive oil.


he means lahmacun :)

No problem at all Xeechan
But I'm glad to see that none of the ingredients can cause me any allergic reaction. Thank you again

No worries Walt,

Glad I could be of help!


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