Safety in Honduras

You are not allowed to carry weapons here in Trujillo Colon.

I do not know why I did not look for this prior. Best information yet on safety in Honduras! … eaths.html

Key word in above link "citizen". So a Honduran gets US citizenship heads back to Honduras and has or creates a problem....


Just providing statistics for individuals who do not know Honduras and want to live in safer areas of Honduras. It would be impossible to provide every cause and reason. Happy Sailing!

If you look over the last year provided - 2014 to 2015 you will see the majority of deaths are accidental. Almost all homicides involve drugs if you read about them. Stay away from drugs and hookers and use a modicum of common sense and you will be as safe as anywhere. If safety is a major concern come to Roatan. It has the lowest violent crime rate of any Caribbean island. The average is 14/100,000. Roatan is 1/100,000.

Best of Life!


Good advice Ed! Especially in a land, language and culture you are not familiar with!

What? I have to stay away from hookers, booze drugs gambling , I may as well stay in Vegas.

Oh no! Just make sure that your hookers and thugs are kind and gentle!

I don't know how recent this website is but I hope it is fairly current!!

Everything online is true a fact lol. Your link hasn't been moderates yet so I don't know what it is. However, I always suggest taking a trip to Honduras no matter what area and feel it out for yourself along side of meeting people especially expats that you can get the info face to face

Well, as the dates show it isn't all that current. The current administration, which just came into power in 2014, has reduced violent crime by over 30%. In fact now we have fallen behind El Salvador which is now the most dangerous country in the world, not Honduras.

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El Salvador ES and Guatemala GT have also always "watered down" their violent crime numbers to keep a good image.
Of course Honduras had a high crime rate but ES and GT have always had them higher!
What does Mara Salvatrucha mean? mara is gang, Salvatrucha means salvadorean. Ever since the 80s wars El salvador has had tens of thousands of war veterans and nothing else to do but put their learned war "techniques" to "good" use, meaning military tactics to kidnap, rob, etc. That is why the salvadorean gang spans HN. Guatemala, Mexico and the US!
Hn crime rate is going down!

Agree with you on this. Politics/corruption play a huge part of this along side of travel warnings = same. Then, there is Google. I've been saying for many years that paid posters tanted facts for a reason. Example: how many people get robbed raped killed in Costa Rica ?!? Yup... You will see low #'s. Those facts have not been placed for agenda (tourism). Getting back on the matter is that Honduras IS evolving into a better country. Life is short and things do take time.

Stay safe Chris. As mentioned by another. Do not go out late at night. Be careful!


You are correct. Yet May was a horrible month with 427 homicides as reported by HRN. The police in my opinion are attempting to accomplish less violence and their job is extremely dangerous!

The name of the gang. My understanding is that after the civil war, many Salvadorans were deported from the US back to El Salvador and began this gang; they then infiltrated Honduras! They have caused grief for so many!

Mareros means gang members. Maras means gangs.

To carry a legalized weapon, one must be a Honduran resident or citizen and follow stringent regulations to certify one´s weapon. The problem is the amount of illegal weapons. My advice is that you do not bring a weapon into Honduras from another nation. You should go to a Honduran Consulate to find out specific information.

I just saw a new crime report from an international firm. The average number of homicides/100,000 people in the Caribbean is 14/100,000. In Roatan it is 1/100,000. Want to live in the Caribbean/Central America/Honduras and be safe? Come to Roatan.

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Mara salvatrucha is the worst gang, competing with the Zetas and drug cartels in Mexico. The salvatruchas spawned in El Salvador after their civil war ended and tens of thousands of guerrila and army veterans with nothing better to do, continued using their war experience against the civil population, especially kidnapping, extorsion and drug wholesale and retail. This gang operates in HN, Guatemala, Mexico, the US and even Canada. It is the deeply embeded parasitic epidemic disease of the region, contaminating all levels of society from the poor kids in the slums to the highest ranking police and politicians. Honduras has now purged dozens of corrupt police, politicians and govt. officials linked to this mara, the 18 street gang, which is their competitor and the Cachiros drug cartel, among others, which is hopefully deterring further spread of the parasites.
Keep the faith.

Ed did you say you froze when you moved to Roatan?
Or was that a mis print?

¡Bien Dicho Jorge!

No, I said I froze at first when going to Valle de Angeles from Roatan. Totally different climate. One of the many things that makes Honduras great. Roatan is at sea level with a tropical Caribbean climate and vegetation. The average temperature is 28C and varies only a few degrees. Valle de Angeles where I am at the moment is at about 4,000 feet and with pine forests and has a mountain climate with daytime temperatures usually in the low to mid 20's and nights in the low to mid teens. There are much greater temperature swings too. I am used to it already and can get away with wearing a t-shirt in the house instead of 3 layers and a jacket.

How can that be? You are allowed to carry a registered weapon anywhere else in HN, except it can not be loaded while traveling. Is there a local ordinance? Can you post it because I never heard of that!

Chris, How many does this apply to?

This is hot off the press and is a must read. … ld-ranked/

It corroborates much of the reporting I have seen come out of Honduras. Note: "The largest improvement since 2016 was in Central America and the Caribbean," Rather shocking was to see how high up the danger scale the USA is. Canada was in the top 10 safest countries in the world.

And of course this all refers to our neighbor to the south on the mainland and not to Roatan which is entirely different.

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I have only have experience in Copan, in May this year. I love the area and felt very safe there. I traveled - 2 times from Antigua. I am going there again in Sept. and then again in Dec (Roatan for the first time). So looking forward to both trips.

We are in Trujillo and the town of Santa Fe on the mainland.  Very safe place.  It's time Honduras mainland gets some credit for how safe it is compared to 5 years ago.  There are bad parts and good parts just like any country. They opened up a cruise ship terminal in Trujillo Honduras for a reason.  It's safe.  Roatan and Trujillo have cruise ship terminals.  I understand people on this board have their own interests which is their right but let's promote this beautiful country as a whole.  Islands and the beautiful mainland.

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