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Hello there,

I'm thinking about moving to Addis Ababa next year. Do you know about any language courses? I heard of one at the university but nobody seems to know who is in charge of them.

Do you know of any places, teachers etc?

Thank you for any hints,

I am a graduate of Addis Ababa University, in teaching Geography. I have sufficient experience in teaching. if you want I can teach you privately as soon as you arive Addis.
in the university it is in Advanced standard (at least in a BA level). otherwise you can join extension elementary schools.

Ameharic is my first language and I have scored an A at Ethiopian School Leaving Examination(ESLCE)

prices for private lessons in Amharic go from 80 to 150 birr per hour at the moment,
I pay 80 for my teacher, who does this as a afternoon job, otherwise he teaches maths in a secondary schoo, but I also discussed prices with a linguistics teacher at AAU, he charges 120 birr per lesson (but wanted to increase it to 150 after the devaluation) and at AAU the courses are priced in dollars and quite steep, you have modules, mostly in the mornings, no flexible hours, but probably a good course,
it wasnt suitable for me as I teach at AAU and have classes in the mornings. you can find recommendatins for teachers on the website for the International community school in Addis (if you google it, they have a welcome to addis guide in their downloads section

Thanks a lot!!!

The thing is, I could do private teaching but I need a paper at the end (like a certificate) for my university to approve it (and count as a part of my programme here in Warsaw).

As for now I need to try AAU and Alliance éthio-française - apparently they run courses as well. I will also try the International Community School.
Thank you so much for all your help! Should anything more come to your mind, don't hestitate :)


I, too, am looking for Amharic lessons/classes.  I already live in Addis and know some of the language, but I want to start with the basic with the hopes of becoming fluent.  Any leads I get turn into a dead end (disconnected phone numbers, language school that teach every language BUT Amharic, etc).  I thought about taking the class at the University but I can't seem to get in touch with them to find out any information.  I wouldn't mind private tutoring, I suppose I would just it to be very professional with specific units, practicing conversation, etc.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Fatou200. I was wondering if you could give me the name and contact information of your teacher? I was hoping to take private lessons and as I am a student 80 birr is a good price. I arrived in Addis a few weeks ago and would like to learn the language

Just start talking with any beautiful girl/boy in the minibus, and ask her if she can teach you Amharic. You can pay her like 50 birr for one hour.

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An advert in the Language classes in Addis Ababa may help you reach out to a potential tutor around.

There is an institution teaching Amharic registered in our free business directory:

> Private Teachers in Addis Ababa

Hope this helps :top:


i am Belete from Addis Ababa a Highschool teacher want to help you in Amharic language and wanna to say welcome to Addis Ababa.

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