Tabletop games in Hanoi

Hi everyone,

Any fluent or near fluent English speakers interested in miniature wargames in Hanoi?
I'm a Brit currently living in Hanoi, with virtually all the necessary bits and pieces for games of Infinity at hand. If you have any prior interest in tabletop games, any interest in 28mm scale scenery construction and/or painting or even just the merest twinge of curiosity about any of the above mentioned, let me know.


Hi Crunklejaw, I hope you are still in Hanoi and looking to game. I am a new Physics teacher at UNIS Hanoi and love to play. I have not played Infinity (but have heard good things about it). I have a large collection of Dust Tactics and Dystopian Wars arriving in my shipment along with a healthy collection of board games.

I am up for learning a new game and meeting new people.

Hi Everyone,

I am moving to Hanoi in February and looking to play some games. I have a couple of board games, 28mm Bolt Action Miniatures and Warhammer Fantasy / The 9th Age.

Happy to learn new games and keen to meet people.

Hi Henning247,

Me and Crunklejaw have been getting together on a semi-regular basis on Saturday's to play tabletop games. We have alternated between his Infinity and my Dust Tactics. It has been very good fun. It will be great to have another war gamer in town. Message here again once you arrive and/or personal message and I can give you my facebook info.

Awesome! This is great news. I have been dreading not being able to play in Vietnam.

I will definitely make contact once we land in Hanoi. Thank you, you just made my day :)

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