looking partner for business

I'm looking for person who wants to make business and live in Cambodia prefered woman...let's talk pls contact..cheers

Maybe having a woman as a partner
Sounds strange with alternative motives my son;
But we can all try

Hi Manolo,

What business are you talking about?

Hi may be sound strange but I didn't mean woman as partner for life just for business because I think diffrent sex persons much better can work together ,,but it's not nassesery..cheers...

Do say a bit about your business.  It will help people to decide if they are interested in working with you.

Hello manolo1964,

In addition to everything that has been said already, i suggest you post an advert in the Business partners classifieds in Cambodia giving specific details about the type of business and business partner you are searching for.

Your ad will be more accessible to members of the Cambodia forum having the same project.

Thank you in advance,

Hi there,
If you want to have a woman partner, you should have a clear idea what you need.
if you make it unclear women will find the idea weird.

Hi I have recently moved to Cambodia. I would be interested to hear about it.

I have an opportunity in Siem Reap for someone to run a restaurant and bar connected to my guesthouse
I am male

Hi , Its Nick here, I will be in SR on the 12 August . We can meet and discuss if you are available. Thank you. Best regards Nick

Hello! It's no chance for a man?

Yes, sure

Hi, i am looking for a job , but running a restaurant is my field , i have also a wife that is a cook , interested if it is serious

Ok message me as the date gets closer and also any questions I will gladly answer at anytime

Yes I don't joke around
I have a business opportunity in Siem Reap
Can we meet and discuss?

I am in Phmon Penh at the moment , you can contact me on my email ***

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Hello everyone,


Please browse through or drop your own advert in the Jobs in Siem Reap section of the website.

As for business opportunities or partners that will be Business partners classifieds in Siem Reap section of the website where you will have to post your advert.

Thank you in advance,

Hello everybody,I would like Bussnies in Siemriep and I want rent Guesthouse in center with 10-15 Rooms and want oppen Restaurant,can somebody help me about it or recomend one good real estate

Hello everyone,

Since the initiator of this thread is no longer on the website, please refer to the Business partners in Siem Reap section of the website so as to drop an advert. Interested members will get in touch.

All the best,

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