HI i am from Scotland just moved to BKK with my company, on my own,

Looking for some fun people! I like to think i'm easy  to get along with :) I am really just settling in and have only been here one week but i plan to livehere for the forseeable. Not sure if anyone fancies dinner or a drink .

anyway hi and hope to hear from some nice people.

Hi! I'm from the US and I just moved here as well. I am a fourth year engineering student and doing a 2 month internship in Bangkok.  :)
I would love to grab a drink sometime!


Greetings!  I've lived in Bangkok for a good while, 7 years, and do next to nothing with expat group meet-ups, but eventually I guess I could, aside from having kids and limited free time. 

If you guys have questions I'd be happy to talk through local life details.  It's just that mine's a bit mundane, home to office and back, to a park or grocery store, and so on.

hey there hope youve settled in okay? i will be arriving next week and hoping to stay about 2 months primary focus will be the gym but im sure making new friends and drinks wont go astray!


Just wondering if you are still living in Bangkok?

Hi, yes. Im still in BKK.

Thanks and regards,

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