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Hi. My name is Tony my wife'.s name is Renate.  we are from Canada just west of Cochrane, Alberta.  We are coming down to Belize in Jan for 3 months.  sort of targeting the northern area like corozal.  Having a bit of a problem finding a 2 bedroom for rent. Prefer one of the gated communities.  We have a little shih Tzu, very clean and quiet young dog.  Our plans are to check things out while there and perhaps buy something later on. My son and I are coming down next week for a few days and plan on checking out the northern area but heard some of the road are pretty bad during this month as it is the rainy season? Can anyone comment on the roads and perhaps a guide on something to rent? Thanks

Hello, and welcome to the forum from another future expat.
You will find the paved roads are not that bad, in general - a lot of pot holes, lots of 'sleeping policmen'. There is virtually no road signage, and I would buy a good map of Belize because of that, until you kind of know your way around. The Southern Highway was recently paved and is in great shape. Hummingbird has gotten really bad because of gasoline tankers. Hopkins Rd off the Southern Highway is probably close to being finished. The Western, now George Price, is in decent shape overall. The Northern has some bad spots, but overall OK. The Northern area doesn't get near the rainfall as the south, so maybe less of an issue for you. The Coastal Road is not paved, and I think they changed the name to Manatee. If you are looking at property off the paved roads, I would rent  a 4-wheel drive. Most other roads are not paved, save some in Spanish Lookout, and some others in the cities.
If you are renting in Belize, Crystal has the best options that I have found so far. If you are driving from Mexico, some car rental companies will let you take their cars across the border, but be aware of insurance issues, etc.
Good luck in your quest! Hope you find what you are looking for.

Hi. Appreciate your input. Does anyone have a 2 bedroom house for rent for the first quarter of 2016 in the Corozal area?

If you rent for 6 mos, you are considered long term and there are people who specialize in long term rentals for tourists.   You are unlikely to be able to get anything you like at a reasonable price via the internet or Facebook.  Do come and stay at an inexpensive hotel and explore your options , then when you find something you like, rent it.  When you are here, ask every gringo you see in the resturants.  most expats are willing to assist new comers.

Suggest that you check out the Consejo area for a short term rental.  I have a friend there who has a few condos he will rent short term.   The places are very nice.  they are expensive by local standards.   Many Canadians live in this area.

Did you travel to Belize last July?  I am traveling there this coming summer.  What weather did you experience?  Did you visit Corozal?  Any recommendations of hired drivers? (Boat and car)

I visited Belize for a full month last summer (15July-15August), during the hottest, driest "wet season" in recent history. It rained only 3 of the days, and then not even half of a given day. Your results may vary.

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