what people do for fun outside of work

Hi guys,

At the end of this month I'll moving out to Lagos from the UK for a series of engineering projects. Currently looking to see what people do for fun outside of work. Any good sports or social clubs around to get involved with?



Hi Nick,

Welcome to! :)

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You could join a club, depending on where you will be resident. There is the Ikoyi Club on the island and Lagos country club on the mainland. Both of them are social and sports clubs,. There is also the Boat club and the Golf club, both on the island. As for surfing, a couple of friends told me about it being an active sport in Lagos but i have never thought of checking it out. The Boat club would likely have surfing facilities. You could do more snooping when you are here.
Other stuff you can do, hmmm, cinema, sightseeing, visit the Arts village or Arts Gallery (quite a number of them), hang out with your friends. Also depends on your interests. You could google any of these places or ask a local or expat for help on where to go and what to do. Hope this helps


Lets be friends in Lagos if you succeed in moving. I too Iam looking to move to lagos by next year 2017, Having spent 12 years in London Scandinavia and America. Iam now looking to get back in touch with home.

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