Appointment with Istiqdam - Family Visa

Hi there,

I have been trying to book an appointment with Istiqdam for more than two weeks now but everytime i attempted i receive an error "no appointments available". I read somewhere on net the best time to apply is between 8:00 to 12:00 day time as they open these appointments anytime then but so far no luck.

Can someone kindly let me know is there any alternative method to get an appointment with Istiqdam


You just have to keep trying, try at different times of the day, when we did ours hubby got the appointment at 3 in the afternoon so it's not just on a morning they open the appointment slots. The appointments are morning only basically but try afternoons to see if they are available. Also, it's Ramadan and eid is coming up and the government offices are closed from 10th July until around the 21st. Good luck

Please try 8 am

Please add me to the Riyadh Appointments Whatsapp group

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