pets wanted - looking to buy goats in Sihanoukville

Looking for goats to buy In Shinokovile wonder could anyone point me in right direction

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Hello Just smokies ltd

I suggest you drop an advert in our Pets for sale in Sihanoukville, pets to adopt in Sihanoukville to increase your chances to find somebody selling goats.


You find goats? What kind of goats u looking for?

No did not get goats yet , they seem to be scarse in Cambodia it is allso difficult to find things out in Cambodia as rather than auctions or advertising most things are found out by word of mouth which can be difficult if you don't speak Khmer

You may want to check the Siem Reap Agriculture Network page on Facebook. Here's the

The majority of goat farming in Cambodia is done by the Khmer Cham (Muslims), head out to the rural Cham communities and they should be able to point you in the right direction, or better yet, sell you some goats.

the ranch at otres village have goats for sale

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