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I am looking for information on health insurance to  foreign residents. The posts I saw are since 2010. Does anyone have a more recent information? Are there insurance companies that provide coverage to this issue? Any updated
information will be appreciated.
Thank you

A quick search on Google should provide you with plenty of options, however here is an article with some relevant and recent information where you could start from … -expansion

Also there is a link on this site, you may not have seen.

Thank you! I have been looking for this information as I am moving to Romania with my family in October.

Glad the info helps.  Also note that foreign residents living legally in Romania are also eligible for national health insurance, which is significantly less expensive (164 RON) for 3 months if you pay out of pocket, otherwise your employer pays it.  The quality of care received will not be as good as private medical care in many cases, but it's an option.  Most private medical care will also discount services for those that are on the national health insurance (CAS).

I purchased my health insurance from Cigna.  They offer many levels and options. You can fully customise dependi g on your needs!  I hope this helps!
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Hi there peeps,

I just found this post and thought I would leave an update. Apparently there have been modifications to European law.
You cannot get health Insurance from the 'Romanian Insurance house' if you cannot PROVE that you DO NOT have insurance back home in the UK. I've no idea who thought this one up, but its created hell for me for the time being.


You get public health insurance in Romania if you transfer the contribution from NHS The UK, at your retirement age, if you worked there, through Form S1 or 121 (it is an application form for transferring health service from The UK to Romania as an European country) asked by CAS ( Casa de Asigurari de Sanatate).

Hmmmm Well I've spoken personally to the head of CAS. They are just as confused as I am. They did say they would get back to me before Christmas, but since then, fat diddly squat frankly.

Here's the portion that appears to be the trouble causer: … 123:en:PDF
Article 14:

'2.   Where, by virtue of the legislation of a Member State, the person concerned is subject to compulsory insurance in that Member State, he may not be subject to a voluntary insurance scheme or an optional continued insurance scheme in another Member State.  In all other cases in which, for a given branch, there is a choice between several voluntary insurance schemes or optional continued insurance schemes, the person concerned shall join only the scheme of his choice.'

I spoke with my Lawyer about this too, he said not to go too much into law and is just as confused about it, but did say that here, European laws are shall we say, 'adapted' sometimes to save time :-D

You say Cigna worked for you, but was this Cigna in Romania or back home?
I am applying for my residence certificate in Romania and I am told I need local health insurance in Romania for this. If you happen to have the web address or contact for them I'd love to see it. Thx !

Update: I just checked the Cigna international website and Romania is not one of the countries they work in :-(

I received my permanent resident card a couple of months ago. During the application process I was told Cigna (which I had at the time) would not fulfill the requirement for health insurance. I signed up for one of the programs at Regina Maria and immigration accepted that as health insurance. So far all is good. The care I've received at Regina Maria is comparable to the care I was receiving in the USA. I'd recommend it.

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