Things to do in Jubail during the weekends


What do you usually do on your weekends in Jubail?

Are there any places to visit, any activities, any events or festivals regularly organized you would like to recommend?

What are your top tips for the weekend in Jubail?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience, ;)


Look forward to hearing any replies to this as I will be there soon.


We live now 6 months in Jubail. You are optimistic in your questions. Jubail is a nice town. You can visit various beaches (Fanateer, Intercontinental..). There are a few Malls, by now the newest should be open. For the rest, organize something to do with your friends in some compound. Next, you could visit a city nearby, but again malls is the only thing to see and visit; or another beach in Dahran.

Just get as many friends as you can. That will fill your weekends for the next six months. ***

See you in Jubail, Rene

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i am here in jubail since a year ; till now no new to do ; i live by my own ; what i do  is some beaches , coffee shops , cooking Gym and hanging out
the city here is very quiet
every few days i drive to Damam or al-khobar for malls 

hoping to find more activities here and new friends

Hi Ahmed, good to see some expats are actually in Jubail. I'd be interested in knowing what gym you are going to because Ill be needing to find a good one when I get there. Also, when you travel to the neighboring cities, what do you do there?

weekend cooking ,chatting on interenet ,fishing,running.

Gday mates,
Your posts have really been very insightful.
My name is Ahmad and i am moving out to Jubail inshallah soon. It would be kool to get to know you guys. Are any of u with Sadara ? Perhaps u can help some of my questions.
Thanks heaps insl advance

I will come inshallah soon, what is activities for my children (girls) as (sports, clubs, ...) ?

just walk and walk and walk ... surprise yourself .. explore...try...

painting.. keeps me busy, anyway.. Sometimes talking to people would be nice though..

well i take a gud sleep on weekend (friday )  after the 5 days hard work and relax myself from tiredness.....

after  too much sleep on friday i gain sleep on saturday to remove friday overslept tiredness....

this is wat i do .....the best  on weekend   :lol:

Thursday night we do Acoustic Jam and Karaoke and Friday, when scuba divers are available we do scuba diving but if not I do practice alone in some pool the whole day and I pay 50SAR. Teach ukulele or acoustic to someone who wants to learn. and friday Night Disco...

Hi everyone! Here is the list of must visit places while in Jubail. Hope you'll find this interesting. Or do you have any other places or beautiful scenery you may want to add on the list, I will be very greatful. Thanks in advance. [link moderated]

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