Things to do in Bucharest during the weekends


What do you usually do on your weekends in Bucharest?

Are there any places to visit, any activities, any events or festivals regularly organized you would like to recommend?

What are your top tips for the weekend in Bucharest?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience, ;)


Hey, I just moved here in Bucharest a week ago. And I have the same problem. Let me know if you want to hangout ;)


Normal routine, go to the park at Titan and have a nice time though******

What I highly recommend is to go out in the Old Center, every Saturday and Sunday, at 3 pm.

We - meet me and a group of my friends (boys and girls). In order to socialize and communicate better.
I prepare for every meeting, a nice relaxing contest of socializing and interactive games so we can break the ice and get familiar with the new comers :).

It's fun and it's every weekend. Every time, the group number it's maximum 12 and there are almost equal number of boys and girls.

Anybody who wants to enjoy the weekend and spend time with people of the same age and concerns from Bucharest, can CONTACT me to find out more details.

LIFE is REFRESHING and I guarantee that you will enjoy fully.  ;)
Quality is one of my main value so I like spending quality time with quality people.

Hi Christine!

You can visit Herestrau Park, go to cinema (Baneasa Shopping Mall), or try the clubbing in Old city, or in the north side of Bucharest.
Also, out of Bucharest, you can visit the mountains ( 100 km from Bucharest), and many other nice places.
If you need a guide, please reply :)


Well, it's a lot to do in Bucharest :) Let me give you some hints

1. Go to parks: we have some beautiful parks here, in different areas of the city: Herastrau Park, Carol Park, Tineretului Park, Tei Park, Cismigiu Park, Titan Park. You can find them easy on Google Maps with these names

2. Sightseeing on the streets: not only the Old Center is beautiful, but also Calea Victoriei, Eroilor Square (where the Opera is located), and many more. You can see old building with great architecture

3. Go to museums: The Art Museum, The History Museum, The Henri Coanda Museum and especially The Romanian Paisan Museum

4. Go to concerts of at the movies. In Herastrau Park , every summer weekend evening, there's an outdoor projection of a movie. Or if the weather is bad, you can go to the mall. They recently opened a 4D Cinema in Mega Mall.

5. As everyone said above, go in the old town, but also on different other places. I would recommend Shift Pug, Serendipity Tea, Funky Breeze Herastrau and Divan Restaurant on Floreasca Street.

Leave the city and  gotoTransylvania. A very beautiful countryside with fresh air and stunning views. Also doable from Bucharest and when you want to ride a horse just contact me

hi Christine,
depends on haw do you want to spend your free time
If you are looking for a different kind of things you can try some underground cultural ways to spend it

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