Things to do in Brighton during the weekends


What do you usually do on your weekends in Brighton?

Are there any places to visit, any activities, any events or festivals regularly organized you would like to recommend?

What are your top tips for the weekend in Brighton?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience, ;)


Brighton & Hove is a really great place, not because it is considered by many as the LGBT capital of the UK, but because it has a rich history, beautiful architecture and it has a great Aquarium, The Lanes; where you can walk for ages on pedestrian streets past trendy cafes and unique shops and really see stuff that you don't see anywhere else. Then it has the Palace Pier, unfortunately the West Pier in Hove was burned down some years ago, but the Palace Pier has a small roller coaster and amusement arcade and bumper cars. Brighton really is a funtastic place to spend time.

But if you see this every day and want to get away, then there are so many other small towns and villages both along the coast and in the countryside where you can drive for an hour or so and explore. I mean places like Pevensy where great English pubs like The Lambs Inn can be found or small towns like Rye and places like Lewes. The countryside in Sussex has lots of great pubs where you can have a great Sunday lunch.

Just north of Brighton are the South Downs, an escarpment of sedimentary rocks from which you can do Hang Gliding or simply go for a hike in the hills.

But a lot of people living in Brighton & Hove take the train to London on the weekend as it is only about 50 miles away. It really is great to be so close to London while at the same time live by the sea and so close to the countryside.

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