Things to do in Hangzhou during the weekends


What do you usually do on your weekends in Hangzhou?

Are there any places to visit, any activities, any events or festivals regularly organized you would like to recommend?

What are your top tips for the weekend in Hangzhou?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience, ;)


Hi ! Are you still in Hangzhou?

kim671019 :

Hi ! Are you still in Hangzhou?

Hello Kim :cheers:

Christine is administrator of the forum and created this thread to gather infos to help future expatriates.

Do you know some weekend activities in Hangzhou to share with us please?


you could go to University of Zhejiang and enjoy the study atmosphere there.It was quite good to see all the students working so hard in such a beautiful campus.And of course the West Lake since it is for free now.Bars would be a good place to go if you are looking for friends in a quick way.And you can calso travel some cities near hangzhou.there's so many things to do .To plan a small trip to small towns in china,go with your friends or alone,to feel the chinese culture,so you can understand this country feel the people and chinese people's kindness.You'll always see and feel something new when you visit different places in china,no matter good or bad ,it's a life experience.:)Hope it's helpful

Try to visit zju zijingang campus, a lot of good scenery to offer. I am filipina from cebu studying here at zju. PM me ***  if ever any pinoys interested to visit. Cheers!!!!

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Im also new at the city, so lets update this threath in order to see if someone can participate and share his experience!

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