When I will get Work Permit for 1 year do i will get a Job

Dear Concern,

Thanks for your previous replies. I have some questions.
I am planning to apply for post graduation degree at Wellington. Which will be 1 year. And after completing that I will get 1 year of work permit. So, than I will get a job or not? Is job available. My Major will be Management Information System.
If, I get a Job there than I will apply for MBA. That's my plan. Is it convenient?

Hope to hearing soon from you.

It all depends on you to get a job not anyone else and no one can give you this assurance. Generally Students start working as they are studying part time 20 hours a week and during their holidays this job transpires into a permanent one. So its all up to the individual and the company employing them.


Yes, I know it will totally depend on my capabilities to find a job. Hope to see you guys soon in Wellington or New Zealand I must say. And please keep me in touch and take me as a friendly guy with any help I can do free feel to ask me.



Which college are you planning to join in Wellington?
Any reason why Wellington? Auckland is a bigger city meaning more jobs...just a thought

As I stated in another comment.
Keep in mind Natives and Kiwis come first.
Get your college to find you location for work.
Or put your application on SEEK website.
Show them you are making an effort and want to be a part of the culture.
New Zealand's main concern is that after all the help they give those from other countries, you will use up your resources and then toss in the towel and be gone.
Remember one thing New Zealand is a very proud country and they will do what they can for their people fist.
I admire that very much.

I'm a New Zealander. Some employers think differently from other Kiwis. They will employ cheap labour over locals - especially the larger companies (food manufacturing and delivering), the fast food chains and many in the hospitality industry.

Be wary of those places because exploitation of workers occurs quite a bit and the NZ govt is not as quick to help exploited workers as people are led to believe. Labour inspectors may try to put foreigners off reporting unlawful instances of worker exploitation. If you are in circumstances like these - contact a workers rights representative like Unite Union - they will help you.

For many employers, it will largely depend upon your personality, how competent you are, your qualifications and the ability to build instant rapport with the interviewer as well as your team mates.

That remains to be seen.
Getting a Work to Residency Visa doesn't mean that New Zealand will find you a job. It is the other way around. In order to get the Work To Residency Visa, you need to have a written job offer and it is very wise to have more than one offer on the table if you want to have any chance at all.
I, on the other hand am my own company, just a bit harder for me.

It isnt hard to get residency if you own your company? Its easier for an offshore investor to become a resident (through opening a NZ company after govt checks) than it is for someone with a job offer (skills shortage).

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