Aussies in Oslo

Hey everyone.

Just have a question for you all, including people from the UK. Is there anywhere in Oslo that sells imported goods from the UK or AU or even US. Just looking for some familiar brands and food items. This whole trial and error procedure with all the products in the shops here is a waste of time and money. Anyone got some advice?

thank you

Yes, Go home, Tony says!

The Meny supermarket in CCVest often has more exotic items. I have seen marmite, cant remember if they had vegemite, but I haven't been in for awhile.

As mentioned Helgo Meny is your best bet. Especially the larger stores.  Ive found small Asian stores sell many items you just dont find in the 'Supermarkets' here, they seem to be much cheaper for items you'd maybe buy in Helgo's too.

maybe try amazon.

Drizzy :

maybe try amazon.

buying on Amazon gets troublesome and expensive quite quickly due to import tariffs and shipping costs!

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