retiring to Croatia from Britain

As we are British and members of the EU do we need a visa to move  to Croatia? we have been given so many different misleading info. can anyone help? please

Hello ann999,

I found a link which might be helpful to you. You can go through the requirements here : … uirements/

Hope it helps,
Bhavna  :)

Hi, I retired from the UK to Croatia. You do not need a visa but you must apply for residency when you get here. It is a simple process and is done at the local police station.

Hope that is useful


Thanks very much, I don't know if I could afford to live there now, I went to Hvar for a holiday and I found it quite expensive. Is it expensive on the mainland? x :)

I live on the island of Brac. I find I can live comfortably on my pension. Much better than if I was in England.

I am only on a state pension, do you think I would be able to live comfortably on that? x :|

You would be better off here I think. For instance my council tax is around 60 pounds per year, my electric 22 pounds per month, water around 6 pounds per month and if you buy the local fruit and veg when it is in season it is very cheap.

Island Hvar is expensive, its a popular destination for the rich and famous, so i would not base my decision on a visit there, but if you visit other parts of the country it is not expensive..... as yet.

Thanks for the info, I was looking at some of the property to buy, some of the apartments look ok, but I don't know about the areas, is it safe in Split? x
Patsy x.

I have always felt safe anywhere in Croatia. I am on my own and have never been nervous even late at night.


Thanks Gill. I will start to look around Split for a property to rent for a couple of months to get the feel of it. Have you bought property there?
Patsy x

Yes I bought my apartment 10 years ago. The balcony looks over the sea. I love it.

Gill x

That sounds lovely, do you know of any that are up for sale? the ones I have been looking at are very small.

My friend is selling his apartment but it is here in the village of Sutivan on Brac, It also has amazing views but it is only 1 bedroom. However his lounge area is big enough for a sofa bed. He is including all the furniture, pots and pans, even a big wall mounted TV. He wants 90,000 euros for it. It depends if you want to live in a lively place then Split is better. But I love the contrast here, visitors and very busy in the summer and then in October they all go home and the village is lovely and quiet again.

Gill x

Ok Gill thanks for letting me know about your friend, but I did want one a bit bigger for when my family want to  stay. I will look on line at your village and see what I think.
Speak later.
Patsy x

Here is  a link for sales of everything in Croatia.....I will post the property link for you. on Stan for apt. and prodaja for buying
then choose the category....for you will be Splitsko/Dalmatinsko....hope you find something to your liking. If you choose to buy closer inland the prices are lower.


I came across your post. I was very clear, thank you.

Q: I am an Australian moving to Croatia. I have a long term rental lease in Zagreb.
(I dont need a visa for tourist travel, up to 90 days)

I am applying for my Temporary Residency Permit. I am retired too, I have proof of investment income , bank acct, oib, hzzo insurance, plus a long term rental agreement etc..

Q: when renewing your Temp Residency Permit, do you need to go to Mup 60days before the expiry date n renew.

I understand after 5 year
(1 year, per year can apply for a permanent residency)

Is this information correct? I have been advise on is, but the websites all vary, it seems.
Most only relate to working, having family over there. Nothing much on "Retirement status" info.

Many thanks in advance.

Nik :)

Dear Bhavna,
I am Shrikant here (Age 66 yrs). Myself and my wife wants to migrate to Croatia. I have done lot of study on Croatia from Internet. But could not find exactly how should I proceed for the Resident Visa. Somewhere on Net it is said "First you should apply to Croatian Embassy/Consulate and get Residency Visa. And then land in Croatia. But every website of Croatian Emb/Consulate does not provide application forms for Residency Visa." At present I stay and work in Kuwait. Can you please guide me and let me know how to proceed ? I will be very much obliged. As I know the EU people land and before there 90 days are over they approach the Police Station for 1 year Temporary residency. In our case should we take Schengen Visa and should contact Police Dept. ? I need your guidance. Thanks a lot in advance.

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