Moving to HK in September, would love to meet some friends!

Hey Guys,

I am from the UK currently preparing to move to HK in September for a new Job. I am super excited but so nervous because I don't know anyone at all! I would love to meet some new friends to hang out with. I love being social and meeting as many new people as possible :)

Hi Abbie13 - Welcome on board :)

Thank you, Maximilien! :)

Hi Abbie13,
I'm a Danish girl moving to Hong Kong this September as well - only for an internship though, so I'll go back to Denmark for Christmas. Could be fun hanging out sometime (:

Hey Cammidk, I'm also only staying until Christmas! It would be great to hang out :) where will you be living?

hi welcome to HK,,, im living in HK... would like know new friend.

Thanks Tara21, would be great to hang out when I arrive in September :)

I actually don't know that for sure yet, but probably in the Chai Wan area. What about you? (:

I'm renting in central :) im really looking forward to it. Have you been to Hong Kong before? :)

Nice! I never went to Hong Kong before so I can't wait to explore the city (:

Oh great! I have been a few times so I can definitely recommend some great things to do! :)

Oh really? How do you like the city?

Oh it's amazing!! Probably the best place ive been! When do you arrive there?

On August 29th. I'll be traveling around mainland China for about two weeks with my boyfriend before that, and then we'll spend a few days in Hong Kong together before he goes back home. You?

I'll be getting to Hong Kong around the same time actually, I start work on the 1st so I'm getting there a little early to settle in :)

Hi Dina, that's very kind, thank you. I will contact you if I need anything when im over there :)

I'm also moving to Hongkong in late August prob 30th/31st. looking forward to meet u guys there

moving this this sept also

I am planning my visit for HK Smart ID in August, i may be in HK on 15th August 2015. I m worrying about how to get job in Hong Kong, i can only speak English and Urdu.

I am from Pakistan

I visited Hong Kong in May and found its a nice place, Central is expensive but Kowloon is much cheaper in terms of accommodation.

I was charged 100 US$/ Night at Mini Hotel central HK and only 200 HK$/ Night in Kowloon Mong Kok hotel.

Hong Kong Peak is a lovely place.

Well come y dear my name is shafaqat I live in from last 3 years and I'm working here my working  day off we can and have dinner too I hope we will meet soon :)

Welcome been here two months with no friends ....Nice meeting new friends

Hi Abbie... I'm Yuni Indonesian girl has living and working 4 years in Hong Kong. If you arrive here... Don't hesitate to PM me. I want to show and guide you in HK.

Thank you so much for your good intentions . I just knew who really are you . I just read your reply . It would be nice to have you as my friend . I am now in philipine and I will get back in HK soon. Really want to have friends from diffrent back grounds .

My pleasure..
Thank you for your message.
OK I accept your friendship.
How are you today

Hi abdel2, I am in the Philippines now. Currently looking for a job in Hong Kong so I can move to Hong Kong as well. :)

Nice . I am in negros philipine moving to hongkong next week.

Hi this is gordon, I m from hongkong and willing to be your tour guy in here, see if u are okay to meet?

Hi Abbie, this is Angel.  I live in HK. Let's hang out sometime :)

Welcome to Hongkong .
Do not worry many British here .

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