i want to go to philipines and marry my gf and get a job there

hello frnd,,,,,,

im ashith from India,,,,,my gf is live there in zamboanga in Philipines,,,now im doing degree in PHYSICS AND COMPUTER APPLICATION...i want to go there in philipines in 2017 and i want to get a job there and marry my gf,,,but im worried,,,coz,,i dnt what requiremqnts i need to go to philipines and hw to get a job there and i dnt knw what r the requirements to marry my gf,,,,,,,,can u help meee my frnd?

Hi Ashith,

You can legally stay there for 30 days you will receive the first 2 weeks at Immigration at the airport and have to get the remaining days at a local Immigration office be aware that they charge you for this as well Ashith.

To get a job there you can look at there you select the country Philipines and create an account there.

Be aware that if you are getting married with a Filipina you not gaining any additional rights as a foreigner.

Als you have to go to immigration and please do this all yourself otherwise they rip you off for sure! ok when you going there ask for a permit to stay and for a work permit after you receive this you can start your search for work over there.
Also look in the local newspapers and write a introduction letter and print out your resume several times and visit the local IT Companies in Makati, my experience is that you have more chance than send your resume by mail since they are not so responsive with send mail.
I hope this will help you some further and if you have any other question do not hesitate to contact me Ashith.

I was living and working there for about 9 years so know my way.

my personal mail is jansen.henkjan[at] if you want to know more or needing help on anything.
Wishing you all the best and be save out there. 
Henk Jan

me too same here,my girlfriend has decided to join nunnery,i have only 2 months left,within two month i have to there & meet her & stay with her for some months,
but ll the companies hire the candidates who are only in philippines,
and about visa,visa free entry is possible those who is having the visa of usa,canada,austrailia,japan,singapore etc. a person having no visa is not allowed from airport their

Visa for Indian Tourist into Philippines

A Visa is required before arrival

The visitor must apply for a visa at the Philippine Embassy or Philippine Consulate in the country of legal residence.


Effective 20 April 2015, Indian passport holders do not require a visa for tourism travel not exceeding fourteen (14) days provided that they hold a valid visa or permanent residence permit issued by a specified country:
These countries are (as at April 2015)
Schengen countries

Once you get married to a Filipina you have the ability to apply for a resident visa by marriage.

See this page for "An Indian national who is married to a Philippine citizen": … o-filipino

thank u sir for yopur valuable answer,,,,i want your helps for knowing somethings,,,i will mail you in your person email,,,,

Hello, I have a friend from india who married his filipina gf here last month. He is a Muslim and filipina is catholic I helped asked the girl to convert to muslim, because this is the cheapest and best way to get married his gf...they spend 25k.

neneth :

Hello, I have a friend from india who married his filipina gf here last month. He is a Muslim and filipina is catholic I helped asked the girl to convert to muslim, because this is the cheapest and best way to get married his gf...they spend 25k.

You get someone to convert to Muslim just to save money ??

Why does a marriage cost as much as 25,000 ?  Mine will only be about 10-15,000, but we are neither catholic or muslim.

18k for processing of married cert, authentication to DFA and 6k for translation of name that's according to imam (Muslim priest or I don't know what is imam means coz I'm catholic). Then 1k for the mosque.

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Oh Ok Thanks for the reply :)

Hello everyone,

@ ahlyz13 and pradeeplee, please kindly browse through the adverts or post your own one in the appropriate section of the website if you are looking or proposing job : Jobs in the Philippines

All the best,

Imam is like priest in Mosque. And it is very weird tradition in Muslim that if you are Non muslim and want to marry a muslim guy or girl, you have to convert in Muslim and change your name which I dont like.

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