djerba houses for sale?

hi been trying to find a reputable real estate / estate agent for propertie in djerba . can anyone help.

Hi blackcab and welcome to :)

In the business directory > Real estate in Djerba , you will find a small list of some contacts. It might help you.

Why are you actually looking for a real estate agency? Are you planning to buy or rent an accommodation maybe?


Priscilla  :cheers:

hi and thanks for your post il look at the link later.
im looking for a holiday home , some where to stay 3 to 4 months a year?

any ideas for me?

Hi BlackCab

Just seen your message regarding Houses for sale, I may be able to help if you are interested, I live in Djerba, deal with selling and buying as an individual by providing clients with correct safe path to buying properties, and I also work in the UK from time to time, I have built my own house in Djerba, and I have many contacts that may be very useful to you.

Be patient, consider to have lots of patience as paperwork takes long time unless you know what you are doing.

Hope this help

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