How safe is KL for a single lady?

Your neighbour's advice was not right. KL is city of many cultures like US and people here are friendly. There are many expats living/working here as well. I manage construction project. Working in construction site is safe as there are many friendly people around you. However, please make sure you have people accompany you when carry out visit/inspection on the building structures. It is always safe as long as you take care yourself properly and always take necessary safe /security precautions wherever/whenever you go.

Hi in regards to personal safety in KL, one has to be cautious and have eyes behind their head at all times and this can be very tiring after a while!Anyone can go and read the local news and find out that there is amazing amount of crime being committed everyday,e.g bag snatching, mugging , assault ,kinapping etc ..... Even taxi drivers will try to rip you off.Kidnapping is on the rise and they will kidnap kids or adults in exchanged for a sum as little as 2000 ringgit or maybe even less!!! They will attack you in shopping mall lifts or in the carpark!!!

With the bag snatchers or muggings,it seeems there is a syndicate that will observe unsuspecting victims and follow them till there is a chance to attack! How i know this ,because me and my partner were attacked n had our bag snatched last yr in broad daylight and almost happened again this yr around Bukit Bintang area.After speaking to the locals about this experienced they said it happens to everyone even the locals. My relatives in KL are always so security concious and paranoid!!! They also have been attacked in the past.Just take a look around the suburbs they have private security companies manning the streets!! Look at their homes ,its all barred up with security grills!

  I guess if one is concientious about their surrounding and take utmost precaution then they willl minimise the likelihood of being attack. Crime in KL or even Johor is getting worse and the relevent authorities need to find a solution.

  Do some research on Malaysia in regards to crime or experience it for yourself, other than that i will still go to Malaysia as i love their food!!

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This conversation is dated from 2011 but thank you for your input ;)

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hello I am a malay lady working as a private tutor, i been to l.a and chicago illinois, it was when I was thirteen. What is the general rule of thumb is quite simple for ladies anywhere,one is not to be tooo sexy and revealing where a coat when out alone or a very casuallook when going out for individual pursuits.When accompanied by friends I like to dress nice but of course if one is generally out with family we still need basic knowledge about street smarts. If travelling look for info from policemen and authorities who are well informed.People generally can mislead you or speak english in a way you may get more confused.I for one carry one principle I always have a local to be my guide to get around for a few days till i can find my way by myself.Good tocarry a smiling face and stay away from rowdy people.If you look grande and carry branded handbags I will suggest doing so in the mega complexes and having secured yourself with a boyfriend or sixth sense.At wee hours of the nighyt do not go to quiet atms.And frankly just cash out what is needed nothing in access.So I hope you do not be too frightened folks here are very nice and helpful like I said dress well but do not try to be too attractive for you can be attracting trouble to yourself.Malaysians are aware of hooligans and take care of themselves it is true anywhere in the world be vigilant and keep yourself safe.

It is true unfortunately, but if you have a lot of money to rent a condo for RM 3000 per month (the cheapest price for a furnished unit in KLCC) in the part of the city where is safer, you will be okay..I was attacked three times already with bad injuries, but I live on the outskirts of the city cause I can't afford better place, so be aware!

Never mind, thought it was a current question.

if you are going to bar at 11 oclock and come out drunk at 2-3 am ,nowhere is safe even your country . I live in US for 21 years and seen a lot of street crimes. KL is not exception.

This thread is from 2010, but since single ladies are very likely to still be considering moving there, new posts are valid.

Safe - yes if you take a little care.
The poster above mentioned getting drunk and walking home late, and that's absolutely true but just common sense.

The more likely danger comes from the street scammers who ask you where you come from, are absolutely shocked because their daughter/sister/whoever is about to move there for university.
Their grandmother immediately gets ill and do you like playing cards?
A nice polite "Get stuffed" is in order.

Back to the bars and make sure you keep hold of valuables, but that applies just as much in London, New York, and every other city you can think of. Same goes for drugs slipped into your drinks.

Malaysia is a wonderful safe country with no especially bad threats if you stay away from obvious dangers and excuse yourself from the scammers as soon as you meet them. Frankly KL is a heck of a lot safer than London.

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